How much is my car worth ?

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  1. Dude, i bought my 95 GTS with 135KM 9000$ and the paint is not A-1, Yours is worth ALOT more...
  2. I'm back from the dead. Saw the car in Drummondville. Pretty dam sweet. Took pictures but they do the car so much NO justice. Muchhh prettier in person. Didnt see any problems on the body except on tiny chip on hood lip. Really small. The car runs find at idle, no idling problems what so ever. Didint take it for a ride though. I think the oil pan gasket leaks a little bit. No biggie cause the engine would be coming off anyway. All the stuff you see on the paint is bug splashes. No tint though...Something I absolutely need..and headlight covers. Look at the pic.

  3. Bof... a) i dont like the color b) i still think he's asking way more then its worth c) well i dont like fox :/
  4. Work pas

    Imagestation c'est dla marde buddy, pogne toe un host quia dlallure.
  5. heh true

    but my friend is selling his for around 6.5k... She's VERY clean... You could mod it as hell... anyway whatever tell me if youre interested...
  6. I took a decision. I emailed the guy and told him that I would trade my car with the engine and all parts OFF the car for his stang + 1000$. I would settle for that. With that 1000$ I'd buy a o/r H-Pipe, catback and tint the windows. So I would practicly have the same mods as my 95 but with the body I like. I didnt get an answer yet. Told him he was asking way too much for it.

    If he doesnt want too, well I'll put a FOR SALE ad in the MontrealMustang site for my car with the engine OFF for 10000$$. If I have nobody that is interested before Friday, I'll keep my 95 and install all my performance parts and nitrous on it.
  7. Dear god, may that mario keeps his wonderful car :)
  8. I think the guy was insulted when I told him his car wasnt worth 10500$. Anyway, he didnt want the deal so I posted an ad and we'll see if I get any response 'til Friday.
  9. I wouldn't pay 10 grand for his car, I'd say 5 or 6 at the MOST.
  10. That does it. I'm opening a poll about Mario's car :bang: .