Roush How much is too much?

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  1. Come on guys.

    jeffnoel did not come here to make any "strong points".

    He is just baiting. :D
  2. There are all kinds of people that buy all kinds of cars.

    There are "car people" that you can find behind the wheel of just about anything on the road, and if you look, you can find an idiot driving the exact same car.
  3. Not to continue to proverbially beat a dead horse, er, Mustang, but it seems to me from some of the postings on this thread that it's the owners of fake Saleens that seem to have a combination inferiority/superiority complex regarding the owners of genuine Saleens.

    As others have said, a real Saleen will always be a real Saleen no matter how many aftermarket modifications an individual owner makes to his/her vehicle. Saleens not only have the Saleen serial number, but also the FoMoCo VIN identifies a real Saleen from a fake. As some of the eBay listings have demonstrated, owners of fakes have gone so far as to create fake Saleen serial numbers on the front bumper cover & even underhood plate. The Saleen serial number does not authenticate a Saleen Mustang; the VIN does.

    A genuine Saleen has modifications made exclusively by Saleen, authorized by FoMoCo & certified by EPA/CARB/NHTSA. A fake Saleen is just a Mustang with owner added aftermarket modifications that do not carry FoMoCo authorization, are not certified by government entities as a complete package (perhaps only as individual parts) & therefore do not possess the same cache, desirability, resale value or other tangible/intangible attributes.

    Some of we real Saleen owners probably wouldn't appear so offended if the owners of fake Saleens either wouldn't misrepresent them as real or otherwise enter them in shows in the Saleen/Signature classes instead of in their respective Modified classes, thus surreptitiously attempting to fool less knowlegable people into believing their fake is real.
  4. Don't worry Marcus; I drive my car enough for the both of us. I probably cover a few other people fair share too. I've put 20,000 miles on my car in a year.

    I don't really prescribe to the idea that a rare or collectors car should be put away and not driven, especially a Saleen. These cars were built to be driven. But I understand some people see them as investments and are only thinking of their later resale value, or maybe they just want them pristine for the shows. For me, I don't give a damn. I'm going to enjoy the hell out of my car. I'm not making big ass car payments for it to be sitting in the garage. But that's just me.

    I kind of feel the same way about mods too. I love the way my car looks so I'm not changing its appearance, but if something makes it run better, I'm getting it. I'm not selling my car so I don't really care what the next person might think about what I do to it. By the time I give my car up, I'll be dead and won't care. :)
  5. Big Pockets....Hate to break it to you, but I bought my first Saleen when I was 18 with no help from my parents. I went out and worked 80+ hours at two different jobs to buy what I wanted. This conversation has nothing to do with wealth or social class. If you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to get it. As you can see by the flooded market of used Saleens, they are affordable for ANYONE to own. If you make $10 bucks an hour and have decent credit, Captialone Auto Fianance will get you into a Saleen..........

    I have no problems with Saleen clones, replica's, kits whatever you want to call them. It is the ulitmate form of flattery to us Saleen owners. But to say it is real when indeed it is not, that is were I get offended. If they weren't assembled in Irvine at the Saleen Plant, or in Anaheim when they were located there or in Long Beach back in the 80's its not a Saleen. I don't care if you go buy every GENUINE SALEEN part in their catalogue for your car and assemble it your self, its still not what you are calling it.
    Tell you what, I'll go buy a Ferrari crate engine, buy all the necessary Ferrari parts, badges etc, etc etc and I'll built a Ferrari. Does that make it real???? Give me a break. It goes hand in hand with a Shelby. You can buy all authentice Shelby parts and built a replica....Doesn't make it real does it???? This conversation can go on all night long simply because everyone has their own opinions.

    Another unnecessary comment. I take pride in my cars and, like you, have worked my *ss off for them. Just beacause a selected few Saleen owners come across as arrogent *ssholes that think they are better then you doesn't imply that we are all like that. I've met plenty of heavily moddifed GT and Cobra owners that think they are above all other stock GT/Cobra owners. I'm not going to assume that you are all like that, rather those people are just self-centered, arrogent, pieces of *hit who happen to drive those cars......
    In the end, we are all here for the same purpose, to praise Ford for designing an american icon that we have all come to one place and relate to no matter what version we may own.............
  6. s351rspeedster, i hear you & understand what you are saying but to some of us it doesnt matter where OUR Saleen was built (not calling mine real by any means) because it really dont mean anything to alot of us. however i did like what you had to say about In the end & so on. there is our common ground my friend.

  7. Saleen quality & customer service = crap. I know it.. you know it. Someone savvy enough can build a GT up tons better than a factory Saleen. It'll still never be a "true" Saleen but myself being an owner of a "true" Saleen.. I'd take the Faleen any day.

    The replica Saleen wheels from I hear are far better quality than the crappy factory Saleen wheels. I've had enumerable problems with my "factory Saleen" body kit not fitting properly and we won't even talk about their paint :rolleyes:

    I just laugh when people ask if it's a "true" Saleen because myself and a lot of other Saleen owners have said.. "I will NEVER buy another Saleen product.. EVER."

    Saleens do look damn nice :nice: But in my opinion, you're better of doing it yourself and doing it RIGHT. Probably save a sheet load of money in the end too :bang:
  8. I couldn't agree more...:nice:
  9. Well, I am one of those who is having it done to my cobra. I wanted one but they didn't have an authorised dealer up here at the time I was ready to buy.

    And for the cost? I am sure that I am coming pretty close to what it would to buy new. But I am doing alot more than what Saleen would do. I get to pick the mods I want and have the bodywork done perfectly. Even going with the C-pillars, center exhaust and E hood. I am even having custom aluminum brackets fabricated to make sure everything stays straight and prevent warping after a few hot summers.

    But I will never portray this car as a Saleen and will tell anyone that it's a Cobra with a Saleen bodykit. I wouldn't feel anymore special driving the real thing to be honest. I enjoy my car for me, not anyone else.
  10. With all of the horror stories about products, service and overall quality..I would have to agree.
  11. yeah i have been leaving voicmail with the paint shop for months now with no respone yet.
  12. Saleen paint shop


    Maybe this is why no one has returned your messages.

  13. :lol: :rlaugh: :Word:
  14. no inferiority/superiority complex here. i just wanted it done right.
  15. Just curious, what question are you looking to ask them? Care to share?
  16. how much it would cost to repaint my car back to the original color
  17. OK, well then, mental note... Don't bring this up again! :chair: Geez, I'm sorry I started this thread! You know, fact is, there are a$$holes everywhere driving every kind of vehicle. Heck, if you want to know the truth, the guys that really have a "tude" about what they drive are the Evo, WRX, and RT-4 pilots! You think Saleen owners think they're better then everyone else, you've obviously never run across one of these stroller handle rice rocketeers. I very rarely ever go out in my Saleen w/o having some fart pipe rice ranger trying to race me...

    Oh yea, and Marcus, you definately don't drive the car enough...:D
  18. Saleen is not going to repaint your car for you.

    You can get a $99 paint job, or a $30,000 paint job. It is all about what you want out of it, and what your budget is.
  19. This is why my Saleen is bone stock. To hell with mods. In 20 years the mods are useless.
  20. i love your avatar too LOL! ;-)
    Sal07b you are so right about the Evo, WRX ect... owners, it never fails to have one these rice bowls w/ a fart muffler fooling w/ me.