Roush How much is too much?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sal07b, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. I can't get anyone to play with me, they hear the blower whine and just smile. LOL! go figure,
  2. It's kinda funny.

    When I had my 02 Saleen N/A I would get revved on almost every day. I don't EVER have anyone rev on me when I'm driving my S351. Maybe it's that really loud, straight cut gear S-trim that scares them off. Either that or they think my car is broken like the ol timers do. Hey sunny, you got a belt slippin, or you need a new power steering pump. Love it.:D
  3. I get more people walk up to my car at a show and ask what size turbo I have!!!! But like Marcus I get the belt and power steering pump thing all the time too. Marcus isn't it awesome to have the straight cut sound when she's sitting at a light and people just look! :) I absolutely LOVE it!
  4. Absoloutely.

    It will never get old.:D
  5. :lol: Bunch-o-whiners (phun intended...):rlaugh:
  6. hoping for that sound someday. its a toss up, save for Sterns or a blower, Sterns or blower, Sterns or a blower......... (keeps repeating in my head LOL)
  7. How about BOTH! hehehehe.........
  8. :rlaugh: