how much is your insurance

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  1. how much is insurance for you guys, i might get a 99 cobra
  2. You might wish to provide the coverage base you are looking for (i.e. deductibles, limitations, etc) to get a better idea as to what a premium really means.

    What is your driving record like?
  3. ...and your age. Me thinks you are a youngster. :D

  4. yea, you seem young. how old are you? driving history? on your own policy or under parents?
  5. I'm 32, clean record as of now, single, and I pay $602/6 mo. on my 97 with another car on the policy through Progressive.
  6. 32 with a clean record and I pay $70/month full coverage with SF.
  7. his age and if its his policy or his parents will make all the difference.

    i pay 150/mo and im 18. spotless driving record.
  8. I'm 50 years old, have a spotless record, as does everyone else on my policy, and the Cobra is insured as an occasional use vehicle with less than 5000 miles a year average mileage. I have $500 deductible and the usual amounts for liability, property damage, uninsured motorists,etc. It's also listed as the 4th vehicle on my policy (more vehicles means better discounts). I pay $625/year.

    Your mileage will definitely vary. :D
  9. im 17, yeh i know im young it will be on my parents and we have progressive
    it will probably come down to what i get for the plan wont it
  10. I pay $168/mo and I'm 20. My parents are on my policy, though.

    (Don't laugh at me. :( I'm moving out this summer to finish college.)
  11. if the car is financed, you must have full coverage on it. if you pay cash, you can insure it too any level you want.

    my car is full coverage and its 150. a 99 cobra will also cost a good amount less just in the year difference, and its not supercharged. only way to find out an accurate quote is have your parents call the company, with a vin number off a 99 cobra and get an estimate.
  12. I got you beat, mine is $288/year. If you are driving so few miles, call Haggerty. They will insure it under exotics, but you do have to meet certain restrictions.
  13. figured it out itll be around 180-190 which isnt bad considering i have a reckless op and an at fault accident happened at the same time (decided to go into a field oops) thanks though guys
  14. Oh man, now I'm getting nostalgic. Love your car. I had a 1970 Calipso Corral Mach 1 with an M code 351 (rated 300 HP probably closer to 330 stock), with front and rear spoilers, louvers and a shaker hood scoop. I bought it in 1975 with 40K on it and a bunch of mods that added up to a 400 horse high 12 second street ride. It's the one car that after all these years I wish I had back. :bang:

    I'll check out Haggerty, my car is garaged and only driven on nice weekends so i should meet their requirements. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. 27, married, clean record, I pay $389 every six months with State Farm.
  16. with hagerty you cant go over 3500 miles a year
  17. The other nice thing is you can insure with an agreed value figure.
  18. With the '98 GT i just got i'm about to start payin 160$ a month.I'm 17(about to turn 18 in june) and have had one ticket,back in Nov. 2004.
  19. 30 , married,

    97 Cobra
    2000 GT
    91 LX
    98 Mountaineer

    All above full coverage

    1992 Honda 3dr civic, liability

    200 monthly for all 5 cars
  20. I pay $260 a month for full coverage of my 97 cobra, with a $500 deductable and i have 1 speeding ticket.