How much? (Long...)

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  1. How much?

    I'm wanting to sell my Stang, and I was wondering what I could get for it.

    Its a 1989 2.3 auto hatchback that is a metallic blue. The interior is in above average condition, blue also. It has a Pioneer deh-p6400 cd player, with pioneer 6x9s in boxes in the back. Billet climate control knobs. Has chrome 5 spoke rims and 205/65/15 tires that are less than a month old. Has chrome fender trim. Blackout tail light and headlight covers. Cold air intake, and a gutted cat & resonator. Removed the a/c. Regularly maintained.

    Here's a list of whats been done and what it has: (Reciepts for most everything.)

    Rebuilt head, dowel pins, and magniflux head. 04/19/2001
    Muffler, and clamps. 08/30/1999
    Plug wires. 01/2004
    Fuel pump. 06/02/2002
    Timing belt. 04/07/1999
    Thermostat & gasket, head bolts, water pump, and headgasket. 04/17/2001
    Radiator cap. 04/22/2001
    Tensioner. 04/20/2001
    Pcv valve. 04/18/2001
    New antifreeze. 04/20/2001
    Spark plugs. 04/16/2001
    Distributor rotor, and cap. 06/17/2002
    Alternator. 09/2003
    Battery. 01/2004
    Solenoid. 09/2003

    129000 miles.

    I know Im missing alot about it, but I doubt anyone wants to hear anymore about it.

    How much do you think it would be worth in Missouri?
  2. should be anywhere from 1-2k , that is what i have seen them going for around here.
  3. Anyone else have any comments?
  4. where do you live in Missouri? I would have to see it and check rust spots to be interested. Mine has pretty bad car cancer. If it is pretty clean I might be interested in it. I need another stang for my plans. I still have a TC engine and a T5 to put into it.

    PM me and we will talk.
  5. You've got a PM.