How Much Of A Pain In The Ass To Put A T-lok In An 06 V6?

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  1. My wife's vert isn't going to blow anyone away in a street race but I tell ya... They could definitely have spent a few more seconds ensuring the pieces and parts worked well together.

    V6 through an automatic. You'd think that it wouldn't be an issue. This car needs more lateral control in the rear end. Cornering while hitting a bump is terrible.

    One wheel peels when trying to jump into traffic are ridiculous and who's idea was this hack traction control system?

    So here's what I'm thinking... :chin

    I'll start with the Trak-Lok. Who's put one in where there wasn't one before?

    Get the traction control programmed to DEFAULT to OFF so that button has to be pressed to turn on (doubt anyone would ever use it).

    New control arms.

    Anything else?
  2. V6, Auto, vert :rolleyes:
  3. I know, right?

    Here's how it happened:

    We had our Suburban, the SHO that I got from Bill, and my Mustang. She was driving the Suburban back and forth to work and we wanted to get her something that was better on gas. We went looking at certified used, late model Focus.

    One day she says to me, "I think I'd like a red car. I've never had one". My daughter and I were out driving one day when I see this 06 Vert. The thing looks like new but has 100K on it. We swing in and test drive it (with the top down). It was fun!

    Momma can drive with the top down (which she does every chance she gets). She doesn't have to switch gears, and with a head unit replacement and Bluetooth, it's a perfect match. It even 'feels' as peppy as my 86 GT did before it was ever modified.

    As soon as she saw that it was a Mustang, she gave it that crinkled look. Once she drove it though, she was hooked. It's a very no-muss, no-fuss, kind of car.

    Now though... I want to start making improvements where it needs it. Suspension and handling could definitely use some improvement.
  4. is she the one doing the ole one wheel peel or is that your heavy foot? Does she see the need for the upgrades your contemplating or is that to satisfy your manhood while driving said V6, auto, vert?

    If it were me, i'd say its her car and shes happy with it the way it is so I leave it alone and go back to modding my cars

  5. It's not really an issue of needing more grunt. In my mind, it's a safety issue. Who wants to be pulling out onto 19 or 79 during rush hour and sit there spinning wheel instead?
  6. With the mileage on the car, the OEM bushings and various pieces parts are probably on their last legs. The control arms, besides the added traction benefit, should help just to make the ride feel more solid.

    My mom, who has an 08 Warrior in Pink V6, has said her Accord feels more solid in some corners than the Mustang. So, possibly a sway bar upgrade too?

    Just a few things I found, hopefully they can help some:shrug:
  7. I'd just put some more rubber on it first. There's a huge selection of aftermarket stock looking wheels for that car if you want even more tire. Heck my buddies new twinturbo BMW 135is has 320hp and an open diff is the only way it comes.

  8. You're probably right. The tires that are on there are just some summer tire.