How much power am I losing?

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  1. It was merely an expression saying that you were tricked and that any box making hydrogen from water is a waste of money. It is getting you no gas mileage or power benefits. It likely isn't causing any huge harm but it adds absolutely no benefit.
  2. Phht,..... speak for yourself! The attention I get at the local cruise-ins from the two mason jars w/ the orange, bubbling water in my engine compartment is better than I could get from any piece of chrome. When people ask what it is, I tell them it's a flux capacitor. :cool:
  3. Speaking of tricked.........

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  4. Well that's what happens when you don't read the entire assignment. Serves him right.:p

    And the Flux capacitor thing?...
    It's real too, Just like the GE space epoxy

    Just might not be in the same engine compartment as I said it was,...but it's in my driveway. AND it don't do sh it just like dude said.
  5. Mike, you can't take my gig. I'm the only one with a flux capacitor.


  6. That car lacks the necessary modifications to achieve the required 88.1 MPH for time travel.o_O
    I mean, I see that Marty is inside, but where's the professor? and where are those big Gi-Honkin "speaker looking" baffle ports pointing out of the back?

  7. Dude... that's sooooooooooooooooo 80's! Those aren't required anymore.... Ya dinosaur. :nonono:
  8. I'm sorry,...I didn't have " the Delorean era" in my history class like they did for you Junior.