How much power can a stock internal evo and sti handle?

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  1. Im asking because my friends claim that they are in the Terminator cateragory with power levels? I though they are similiar with our 2v cars?
  2. geez, you ask so many questions!!!!

    they will out run your car. thats all you need to know.

    please search on an import site if you wants answers for this stuff. this is a MUSTANG forum
  3. The US STI uses hypereutectic pistons, same as most cars and the same as the 4.6 2-valve. Apparently they have forged rods. I think they have a forged crank, but it's hard to find in a quick search.

    It's kind of a moot point, IMHO. Most factory turbo motors are built with forged components. But what often causes failure isn't mechanical stress, it's detonation. And power limits are usually come down to the block strength rather than the strength of a factory rod or crank.

    In addition, the displacement of a Subaru STI motor is smaller so if it makes the same power as a blown Cobra, every component is under far more stress. Even if it is just as strong, you can make more power with more cylinders.
  4. Guy I work with ran in the high 12s on stock internals last season. With mods done this winter, still on stock internals, he expects to beat 12.5 and be in the 450 wheel HP range. The launch on those AWD cars is absolutely SICK! He did 0-100 with me in the car and I couldn't believe that a drive shaft or axle didn't explode. There is no way to compete with that kind of traction. I can't remember if his is the EVO 9 or the EVO X.
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  7. For someone who's built so many cars.. You sure ask a lot of pointless questions :shrug:
  8. I have 4 Foxbody cars! 3 of them have at least 350HP. I have one for autocross, one for drag racing,one i just drive around, and one that I am scared to drive! I also have the 03 gt daily driver which I am still doing my research about.
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  10. ive heard of some EVOs in the 500whp range with stock internals but i dont think most go above 450 with stock internals. as for STIs ive only heard that the max power for stock internals is around 450whp
  11. LOL c'mon dude, dont let one guy (or anyone) get under your skin. Questions like that are what the forums are for. Dont worry about it.
  12. Hey, don't sweat it:nonono:, I would like to know these answers myself. The thing about these small displacement engines w/large turbos, they do eventually give, like someone posted early detonation is in there near future, I'd take my slow gt for some peace of mind than a 500 hp Subaru or whatever. Great, just slap on twin Turbos, forge the hell out of the internals and there you have it, bye bye sti and wrx and there overrated all wheel drive, besides ask those owners hows the power distrubution to those wheels when they are sliding around in the grass or the rain, again overrated. "There cars might be faster than ours but, you can't outrun ugly.":nice: P.S. Don't let these clowns piss you off, half of them can't even do there own installs, whats the point in having a faster car again.:shrug::stick::grouphug:
  13. A guy I know just grenaded his stock bottom end EVO at just over 500whp. Not that many miles on it either, but a good bit of dyno/tuning time and autocross.
  14. Yea, thats another point, who knows how much food he took from his mouth, how much debt he went in, just to do that to his engine, the smaller the engine the more time and effort it will take to gain h/p. Lots of mullah just to make a point.
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  16. let me in on what you are doing. $20 bills are nice, but I'd sure like to use $100's.
  17. yeah dont know how good those bottom ends are cause i know these 2 brothers one owns a STi and the other a Evo both grenaded there bottom ends after a turbo upgrade and a quite a bit of other mods......but they where seeking the most power out of there stock bottom it's like any other car.... what your mods are on it and the TUNE has the biggest part in it.........
  18. My cousin has a 05 Evo with some bolt ons and a very good tune, the tuner use to build professional evo rally cars before his son got in a major accident.

    His car on a 4 wheel dyno, puts about 325 to each wheel. That car is scary fast but I like the rumble of the v8 better, even if its slower.
  19. You maybe built all these cars, but you need to not take things so personal. Take everything with a grain of salt. You can't get upset when someone doesn't agree with you or likes what you like, jes. you ask people for their opinions and then you get mad when they don't agree with you.

    I have build some very fast vehicles, and driven lots and lots of vehicles, but I still need to learn.