How much power can a stock internal evo and sti handle?

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  2. Right ! but you seem to know jack **** about Mustang's , I think its time for some pics , I would love to see the one your scared of !
  3. if i didnt see 5 new threads by you every time i log on it wouldnt respond to you. if you want to learn about your car, thats cool. but do us all a favor and READ! there are numerous threads pertaining to almost every question you have asked!

    as far as you building a car that would "walk my FALEEN anyday", well thats great!:nice: there are a lot of cars on here that would walk mine any day. i know my car isnt the fastest thing on the planet. in fact it is one of the slower cars in my area. do you think that bothers me???

    i would love to see pics of your team of fox bodies. under hood shots would be nice. and make sure you dont pull the pics off google. i wanna see something with your name on it in the picture!

    and if you're making 350 with these cars, i'll leave the stang at home and bring my little Ranger to outrun you in the next month or so. maybe that would be a better race

    see ya!
  4. i think we need a **** talking forum here like the other forums i'm on. it makes it more interesting.

    BTW i didnt have a problem with you and actually posted up some info for you until you started getting cocky with me

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    so they average 116 HP each???
  6. i bet they got vtek tho!
  7. Hey cool. A thread on Stangnet that I'll be able to answer.

    For reference I've built a 500whp alky injected evo, and a 400whp STi.

    Truth, the STi's pistons are garbage. The ringlands tend to let go at the 400-450whp mark.

    If it looks like the one in my sig in the front it's either an 8 or a 9, the 10 was a complete redesign and not very fast in factory form, although it litterally handles like a go kart. I would regularly snap off 1.6x 60 foots with street tires and managed a night of 1.60 1.60 1.62 back to back to back. The car launches hard, they tend to die up top lugging that AWD system around but getting out of the hole quickly can net some really impressive 1/4 mile ET's.

    With proper tuning you can hit the 550 mark relatively safely, although I would be running some serious knock correction. There are guys that have pushed farther with success but I really don't like pushing it that hard. I pushed 500whp for 20k miles or so. 33psi was the highest amount of boost I ever ran and that was with alcohol injection.

    Dollar for dollar it is incredibly hard to beat an Evo. I'm not as big a fan of the STi. Most "grenading" you see is from piss poor tuning, no tuning, or just plain stupid. I built, tuned, and raced my car.
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    local NC forum where ANYTHING goes. we have a section for just $ hit talking and one for NWS stuff. it's a great site. i'm QuickSilver74 on there. i was banned about a year ago for talking **** to a mod, thats why i dont have the same user name as here
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    I dunno why you decided to piss of SaleenGT2001, but i've view'd these forums for a long time, and seen his breakdowns of his projects and all. He is a very knowledgeable member....and hes even given me good advice on my 4v.

    Perhaps if you relaxed a little and maybe checked out a 4 banger forum you'd get your answer. Thou I am sure there are members on here who can answer your question....much like 4tun8

    No need to get all E-defensive, we are all car lovers here....welcome to Stangnet
  17. this is what started everything

    would someone please point out where i was out of line with my comments??

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  18. :D you'll have fun since you own an Evo. prepare for some **** talking as soon as you join! they dont care for most imports on there
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