How much power can the stock air box & air tube support?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Mike86Stang, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. ????Wondering if i'm loosing /restricting air flow with what I got
  2. wel if you got the stock intake and tube on with the setup you got then i would think so definetly. With h/c/i in you should really be starving your motor with the stock stuff. A CAI would bring it a 12.9 i think. just M.O.
  3. even if the stock setup can support 400hp and your motor is stock by upgrading things you stand to gain. maybe small but the gain will always be there

    and if I remember right intake setups are not that expensive and can also be home made if you so choose
  4. ........i doubt youll see a difference you can get a C&L or Pro-M mass air.........that would be better then the stock mass air but the airbox as long as you take the silencer out it should be bout the same....u can always get a powerpipe though =d
  5. Well let me clearify....

    I have the stock air box (silencer is long gone) a K&N panel filter & a Pro_M 75mm MAF... going to a 70mm t-body.

    Is the stock plastic air box & plastic inlet elbow restricting anything???
  6. I've seen the flow numbers on the stock box vs. the cai, and they are nearly identical. I have not seen the numbers on sticking the maf in the fenderwell as they are doing now, it might me worth looking into.