How much power can the stock shortblock handle?

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  1. How much Horsepower can the stock 95 cobra shortblock handle?

    please let me know thanks.
  2. as much as the stock short block of a GT can handle, the block should handle 500hp, the pistons on a poweradder I would say not as much.
  3. For how long? I know of people running over 500 at the wheels, but they are track cars and reliability is a secondary consideration. For a daily driver, I think I would keep it in the 400-450 rwhp range to be relatively safe.

  4. A cobra short block will take more then the gt because of the better piston's and rod's...over then they you need to pray for 500rwp some guy have seen 650rwhp on them...but they eventlay split the's all a matter of tune....also turbos are better the superchargers and reving past 5500 is a no no with that sort of power
  5. 93-95 cobras have the same short block with hyp. pistons, stock reg. production rods, and crank.
  6. I second that.
  7. Ive heard they can handle like 800h/p fairly easy :rolleyes:
  8. One of my buddies has a 92LX that put down 430 to the wheels... he split the block in 3 years and it was fully tuned. HOWEVER, the car was drag raced at LEAST 2 times a week, every week, for those two years. He rebuilt another stock block and added a cam, he now makes 460rwhp, runs 11.2's at 125-126mph on DR's and hasn't had a problem... yet. Its only been about 4 months though.
  9. Its almost better to just build a 331 or 347 stroker if you want to put that much power to the wheels, then you dont have to worrky about splitting the block
  10. Striped- what do you mean?
  11. I think he means building a 331 or 347 from scratch with like a dart block or something.
  12. yeah you will need a new block to handle any more than 500 crank hp mine is there but i don't run the car that much and thats the only reason it's still in one piece :rlaugh:
  13. So much BS in this thread already, it's amazing.

    1. The Cobra shortblock and GT shortblock are IDENTICAL.

    2. Stroking will not increase horsepower handling abilities. It may weaken the block, it certainly won't strengthen it.

    3. You might be able to increase the block strength with a girdle, but in all likelihood what you'll really do is keep all the pieces together when it does break.

    4. There is a wide range of experiences, and you will find people who make 500 rwhp on a stock shortblock and a stock T-5. I wouldn't count on it working for you that way, though.

    Tune it for 400-450 rwhp, keep the R's below 6000, and it should last a while. No guarantees in this life, though :D.

  14. lol this is exactly what i was thinking Dave :D