Electrical How Much Power Does The Stock Ignition Have?


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May 20, 2006
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Looking around the net it seems the norm for all these aftermarket ignition manufacturers to claim their ignitions are improvements over the stock setup. I'm not disputing this but it would strengthen their claim to perhaps tell us how much power the stock system is producing.

My buddy had one of the MSD Streetfire ignition boxes he bought a couple years ago brand new in the box and he offered it to me to put on my car to fix my spark blow-out issue from the boost.

I see that it has slightly less mj of spark than it's 6AL bigger brother. I'd like to know if it's still an upgrade from the stock TFI system even though it's not quite as powerful as the 6AL. I know the 6AL is better but I can't afford one right now and I'd like for my car to pull to 6k RPM without spark blowout.

So, does anyone have or know where to find the stock power specs on the Ford TFI ignition system?
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Jun 14, 2004
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Usually, they work in conjunction with an aftermarket coil. The stock coil puts out about 20,000 volts.

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