How Much Power Will This Make?

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  1. Have an opportunity to buy a project from a friend. Using parts from his car and my car this is what I want to put together: Dart 363, compression ratio will be approx. 8.9, AFR 185cc heads, B-451 Anderson cam, T-trim at approx. 12 psi, (makes 15 psi on a 333), Full length 1 3/4 headers into 3" pro chamber and 3" Mac cat-back, #72 injectors with full Aeromotive system and A1000 pump, backed up by a TKO600. Has 3.55's Ill probably switch to either 3.73 or 4.10. Anyone know about what it will put to the wheels? I know there are probably part combinations that would make more sense but this is what I'll have. What I won't have if I do this is extra cash! Thanks
  2. First guess so I say 550~575rwhp. Im not the boost expert though :D
  3. My car made 540hp/543trq as it sits, only major differences are it's a 333ci with shorty 1 5/8 unequal length headers. This other project comes with another blower and an air to water intercooler. I know it's a big Vortech race blower but I don't know what model it is yet.
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  4. A 363 with around 15#-17# boost with 185cc heads,proper cam, and tune should make over 600rwhp. As far as your rear gears go stay with the 3.55's or maybe the 3.73s. 4.10s are usually too much gear for your described combo. Most cars I've seen with near mods as you describe ran faster with less gear and was a more streetable combo(if you plan on that). That's a hell of a good deal. Engine alone costs 10k+ to build(saw in other post what your getting it for) I'd jump all over it. Especially if the engine checks out ok.
  5. Actually I was the one who put the engine together back when he was working on it. It was running but he never got the car finished. Yeah I was thinking 4.10's are probably too low, but I think the 3.73 might take some stress off the driveline on launch. I'm conflicted! It's such a good deal but I hate to shell out the cash. I need to rebuild both my engine and tranny anyway and it will probably actually be cheaper to go this route.
  6. this is a pretty good estimate.
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  7. The 363 currently has a set of what I think we're Trick Flows original head, and they were ported and had a new valve job. Any opinions on which are better between those or the AFR 185's? It has the same B-451 cam that I'm running now, which I've been really happy with.
  8. If this was my engine, I'd go bigger with the heads.
    Nikwoac has a stock bottom end 302 with 205's, and my dad and I just put 220 AFR's on a stock stroke 351.
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  9. so would i.
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  10. Yeah there's no question that better heads and a bigger blower or turbo setup would be the way to go on this motor, but if I decide to buy this project car it's pretty much going to wipe up my budget and then some, so I'll have to use what I have. Plus if i make improvements to the top end I'll probably end up getting into bigger injectors, fuel pump, MAF, etc.
  11. I recently passed on a T-trim setup a local had for sale. He had his dyno sheet and made 670's [email protected]# boost. 347 dart block with tfs 225cc heads,solid roller,etc fwiw.
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  12. That sounds about right to me. I'm figuring I'd make over 600 at least, Im running a t-trim now but 225's are better heads for making big power. I think any head will flow better on a 363 than a 347 because the larger bore gives more clearance around the valves. I figure between that, another 30 ci's, and going to a full length 1 3/4 header I'd pick up at least 60 more hp.
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  13. Agree
  14. Just going nuts on whether to pull the trigger on this deal! Don't want to spend the money on one hand, to good to pass up on the other.
  15. Do it, you'll regret it if you don't.
    About a year ago I had the chance to buy a 460 with the highly sought after heads (DOVE C heads?) that were ported, stroked out, fully assembled, and the dude only wanted 3k for it. I wanted it for my truck, but never brought myself to give him the money. Now later when I don't have any money, I'm just sadly messing around with GT40 sh*t for my small block. Should have bought it when I had the chance.
  16. Yeah but just think how much gas you're saving! I have an injected 460 in my f-350 and it gets 10 mpg highway! I had a 429 with the dove heads years ago but never did anything with it.
  17. Oh the truck I wanted it to go in is strictly a hot rod so fuel mileage isn't an issue. I want it to be a street strip truck. And yeah the fuel injected 460's guzzle the fuel. My work truck is a 92 F250 and gets the same fuel mileage as your 350. But wow, the power is just there.
  18. Yeah endless torque. I mainly just use mine for plowing, but I'd like to put some Edelbrock heads on someday just for fun. Stock ones are real low compression.
  19. Only thing I did was cut the air horns out of the intake tubing and cut the cat off and ran a dual in dual out muffler. Sounds great and wow did it pick up some power. Those are the only mods I'm doing to it because even in stock condition it was overkill for my towing needs
  20. That's funny, same here! I just cut those horns off of the "H" piece and put it back in. I put a shift kit in too just because the E4OD's are a bit lazy going between forward and reverse while plowing. Otherwise it's basically all stock.