Mach 1 How much power?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by blueovalboy06, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. I am buying a 03 mach 1 and i am putting on the following parts:
    jba exhaust
    underdrive pullies
    thorttle body
    bbk headers/hpipe
    c&l air intake
    sniper tuner software
    60ib injectors
    comp cams stage 1 or 2 cams
    other possibilites:
    methanol injection
    how much power?
  2. FORGET THE PULLIES!! Oil pump failure is common with them and will destroy your engine on the Machs. With the mods you listed I'd say your looking at 345RWHP. 60lb. injectors? Overkill. The stock 24lb.ers will still handle the power.
  3. any other opinions?
  4. Go over to . You'll get aot of responses.
  5. Ditch the pullies. Risk not worth the reward. Check the registry for the rest of the stuff.
  6. Hot Rod magazine did a dyno after installing pullies and the gain was zilch.
  7. you wont need the injectors , the stockers work great , the C&L intake pipe is a good mod but you wont need their MAF to make good power , the stocker again is fine , the methanol would only be needed as well for a power adder like a supercharger or turbo , so your best gaining mods will be the exhaust , throttle body , Sniper tuner , cams , and electric water pump which is not on your list , just make sure you keep an eye on your temp gauge I have heard of one guy that had one go bad and overheated his engine , you can easily get 300-320 rwhp with the correct mods .......most people do exhaust and CAI and tuner and get very close to 290-300 rwhp with just that ......
  8. CAI, headers, midpipe, catback, and tune will net you 315RWHP on a dynojet. The cams should be good for 25RWHP I would guess. The TB will net you afew RWHP.
  9. You will probably get a lot of different answers but for my 2 cents-I would look at a gear swap for one of my first mods. I ran 4:10's when I was N/A and they were great. Won't do anything for you number wise but you will definitely feel it coming out of the hole. You will also see some lower 60's at the track if you run it. Also, if you plan to hit the track any with sticky tires might as well do 31 spline axles when you are in there which is going to require a 31-spline diff.

    Another suggestion would be to consider SLP exhaust. They were pretty expensive but sound great and the good thing about them is that you can get the race inserts for the cats if you need to worry about emissions testing every year. I run the race inserts full time and only plan to put the cats in when I have to go down to get tested.
  10. That's a good price. I paid $490 for my Bassani Catted X three years ago. You can drop out the cats also and go catless too.