How much psi for staggered tires?

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  1. Hey all I have 17x9 rims with 250/45 tires up front and 17x10.5in rims with 315/35's out back, the tires are Nitto NT555 street tires btw. I was curious as to how much psi should I run on the front tires and rear tires? Also should I just leave the tires where they were placed or should I at least move them side to side to get some rotation out of them?
  2. same. 32psi on all 4.
  3. Whatever makes you happy, hooks, and wears the best depending on your alignment.

    I run 35 in the rear on highway, 20 DD in town.
  4. I've found my NT555s wear the best with 36 psi in them. I have 275/40-17s on 17x9s. That 36 is also about as good as it gets with traction, as well.
  5. Ok thanks guys, I guess I will go with the 32psi on all 4. The tires have 5000 miles on them so far and seem to be wearing fine. Im trying to decide if I should just go to 10,000 miles and leave them were they are or rotate them if I can. Also I seem to be able to break the 315's way to easy on my car, I thought I would get better traction with them... Guess I need to learn how to launch correctly lol something still need to work on...
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  6. Launching has to do with sidewall and compound, not width. I can cut a 1.4 60ft on a 295/40-17 drag radial at the track and get it to dead hook on the street at over 800rwhp with the stock driveline. My 315-18's just suck on the street, but look good. It's a balance. An auto makes launching the car infintly easier.
  7. Thanks a lot for explaining that to me Winters. I swear I am the worst driver when it comes to the track lol, prob doesnt help HRP waters the heck out of the entrance though...:hide: