how much room does a 87-93 stang have

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  1. i should be geting a fox hatchback stang in a few months ,i was wonder if they have alot of driver room,i am 6 feet tall and about 240 lbs. should i fit in it good or will i be really cramped
  2. I think ~6ft is the limit to be comfortable in a stang. I am 6'0, 195lbs and I keep the seat all the way back, and I fit perfect.
  3. 6'1" and i fit fine.

    Don't expect anyone to EVER sit behind you. I basically only ever put two people in my car. The only time anyone sits in the back seat is if they are a female since they are the only one that can fit back there now.

    FIne with me, as i don't usually carry passengers in my car
  4. same here.
  5. Nahh...I'm 6'4" and I still fit in my car. However, sometimes it's not so great because my left knee is always on the armrest, and there isn't much room for my right knee either.

    Oh and I really can't fit in an SN95. They actually have less room than a Fox.
  6. I noticed that. The interior in SN95 stangs takes up a lot more space, and in the back seat, my head always hits the rear window of a SN95, but I fit fine in my hatch.
  7. I fit 5 people in the stang the other night, 2 girls +1 guy in the back and me and another guy (alex) in the front. It was pretty dang cold out (newyears) so i guess u could call if comfy. Im 6'1 and i dont fit well with the seat pushed forward so the girls could be comfortable, all in the name of being a gentlemen.....atleast i got out intime to see what my fox looks like lowerd... :nice:
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: Oh I remember thouse days in my Vert :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  9. Definitly WAY less space in my 94 than there is in my 93 hatch
  10. I'm 6'2" and the only prob I have is when I go to turn left the blinker lever hits my knee..
  11. 6'3" 250ish and I fit fine in my 84 SVO however I am slightly cramped in my brothers 89 LX. But not enough to be uncomfortable unless on a long trip.
  12. Yeah I am 6'4" too and I have the same problem of my left knee hitting the armrest. Having a size 14 shoe does not help out when trying to shift from the gas to the brake. I like how much room there is in the back with the rear seats laying down, so good choice going with the HB.
  13. 6'5 and 240 only problem im have is getting out:-/
  14. dam you guys are some big mofo's i'm only 5'10 180lbs. stangs fit good. SN95's with there curved dash and **** like that have no leg room even in the passenger side. I don't like them.