how much rwhp & torque does the V6 have again??

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    There ya go. Sorry about it being so large.

    You might also try That was one of my slower runs. The best I have done with the car is a 15.44
  2. j0nkatz that run is with the CAI and the mac muffler?
    That thing sounds sweet, makes me second guess gettin a jba muffler.
  3. j0nkatz, another question. You aren't poewr shifting there are you? When i took my car the the track (2nd time), when i power shifted it would chirp 2nd and 3rd gear.
  4. As I stated earlier, my Pony is bone stock. No filter, no muffler, not even super powered hamsters on a excersise wheel. :D

    I did get a K&N drop in filter that I'm gonna try out tomorrow (thursday) if it does not rain me out. I'll post my times. My future plans include CAI, T-Lok Posi unit, 3.73 or 4.11 gears. 18" wheels and some good tires, dual flowmaster catback system and a SCT tune.
  5. I just stick it in drive and turn off OD. I come off the line anywhere from 1500 to 2000 rpm.
  6. Oh its an automatic, well ya, no power shifting those lol. I've always wondered what my car sounds like from behind, cool lol (mines stock as well, but manual)
  7. Cantonracer,

    Thanks for checking and listing the additional performance mods on the car. I didn't plan on making any engine mods to my car when it arrives, only to the suspension. However, if I can get 30-40 HP from just a tune and CAI/muffler, I will seriously consider it. Once I change the tires, springs and install a rear swaybar, that is.

    Any more info on the tune? It was an SCT tune right? Reg, Plus or Premium gas? Was the low rpm power adversely affected at all?

    Thanks, in advance, for your input.
  8. At this point i think SCT is the only tuner out for the v6.
  9. So I have 2 sets of Dyno Numbers and the first ones are DynoJet which were 194 RWHP and 249 RWTQ. The second set was on a SuperFlow and it was 189 RWHP and 236 RWTQ. I will see if I can find the graphs and post them up when I get home tonight. This was on a still stock 05 V6 and was only 3 days after we purchased it.
  10. pwhite,

    Do a baseline dyno on your car. Then once you make the changes go back to the same dyno shop and run it again.

    Every car is different even within the same family, with the same motor and options.

  11. @Guys in this thread, please give thoughts..

    Ok guys!! So this is the deal! I got the dyno done..!

    I'm not sure how to read the results... The RWHP rating has perplexed me.. However the RWTQ rating seems quite good...


    RWTQ=216.92 @ 5200RPM

    So my question is, did I suggest the wrong Power rating to the rear wheels to MisterCMK.. I suggested based on HP..

    Whats everyones overall impression based on these results?

    Plugging in 15% back into both scenarios gives the following results..



    Up from Stock which is



    So the XPIPE seems to give more love to Torque? Basically all my mods have basically left HP the same and increased Torque by 10HP..

    Very interesting results.. Can anyone make it make sense?

    Most guys are getting 190RWTQ? Or more?
  12. X-pipe seems to favor high end torque the way I understand it. Your peak does seem to have moved up a bit from where the stock peak is.