How much rwhp?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1qckFOX, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. Hey guys. I'm a NooB here but ive been browsing these board for a while. What do you think my RWHP and Torque is with these mods? On and Off the bottle. Thanks :nice:

    24# 73mm C&L MASS AIR
    75 or 70 TB BBK
    Cobra upper and lower intake
    E303 cam
    MAC shortie headers
    Mac H-pipe
    Mac mufflers
    Elderbrock 75 shot
    Ford perfomance underdrive pullies
    Mac cold Air kit
    Optima Red top
  2. First of all 75mm TB is way to big. 65 or 70 is good.

    Without spray---220 rwhp TOPS
    With Spray---260 rwhp TOPS

    Assuming your motor is healthy and in good tune.

    Your heads are choking your motor from making good power...also you didnt mention a good fuel pump.

    Pretty much have to have one with the spray.
  3. Just some friendly advice, I wouldn't run the 75mm TB. Might be a good idea to even go down to a 65mm. Basic rule of thumb is not to use a TB bigger than your MAF meter.

    Not sure about how much power you will put out, I don't want to guess and get a bunch of crap for it.
  4. Maybe 230 rwhp and 280 ft/lbs no spray
    275 rwhp and 325 ft/lbs with.

    Again assuming that is a 5 speed also.
  5. Yeah It's a 5 spd. with 30k miles. Thanks guys
  6. What do you all think i will make with some GT-40 irons?
  7. 250-255 no spray.
  8. Damn didn't think i would pick up that much for only $300.

    Next mod: gt40 iron heads :banana:
  9. They are worth 20-25 rwhp....i just got a set for 190.
  10. Remeber.....this is all a guess. You may gain More/less. I am just going of what ive seen before.
  11. I would guess 230rwhp maybe more if you have a good tune.

    I pulled off 227rwhp with exhaust, pullies, maf, timing...
  12. Damn $190 the cheapest I can find them is for $300
  13. i've seen a stang with a bad engine blew out black smoke one cylender was almost dead. And that made 220Hp at the RW. all it had was a high flow exhaust. so that shoudl give a judge as to how good these engines really are :nice:

  14. Ebay...i got lucky