How much should a tune up cost

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  1. I am new to modular engines. I know a tune up on my fox cost me about $100 for plugs, good wires, etc. I called the local ford dealer and they want $295 for a tune up on my 04 Mach. That seems REALLY high to me. :shrug:

    They said the service included:
    • change plugs and wires
    • set timing
    • check computer

    I'm at 45,000 miles and get an occasional jump / hesitation on acceleration.
  2. I think you have coil-on-plug and not wires, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
    You need plugs, oil change, no need to check the timing or the computer if you have no idiot lights.

    I'd say pay $80 tops unless they replace the pcv valve or something like that. Changing plugs is not very hard to do yourself.

    You need a inch pound torque wrench (which I never use but should), anti-sieze for the threads, a can of compressed air to blow out the spark plug wells prior to SP removal, a swivel for your rachet. Not bad.
  3. price sounds about right to me. isnt a computer check like 80 bucks it self. than your paying another 80 per hour for labor on the other stuff. then the cost of plugs and wires.
  4. yes, that's a c.o.p. ignition. your hesitation might be from a bad coil pack.
  5. With labor that's about right.

    My tune up is a little more involved. I did mine at 50K miles and this is what i changed

    Plugs - 8 Sp-493's
    Oil change
    New belt
    new fuel filter
    clean/replace air filter
    coolant flush
    differential fluid (not necessary but i did it because i had to replace an axle seal)
    trans fluid (again not needed but i was bored)
    fluid brake fluid
  6. sounds like a rip off to me. they will put new plugs in it and tell you they did the rest.

    check timing??? what the hell!?!?!?
    these are not carbed distributor cars from the 70's!!!
  7. Mustang only shop by me does 8 plugs for roughly 65-85 dollars depending on year, and aftermarket modifications. They gap them correctly as well. I doubt tune-up shops will take the time for that, which is important. My 5.0L notch wouldn't even run over 4500 RPM with the gaps worn to .072. At .048, it runs like a raped ape for a stock car.
  8. :lol: That's awesome!
  9. yea the timing thing is bull****, unless someone modified the computer with a tune from an sct or diablo tuner its going to be at stock specifications...there is nothing to check
  10. Wow for $325 my mach was dyno tuned, plugs changed, and oil topped off.
  11. Thats BS. do they even know what car your talking about. Why the hell would they check timing. Its not the 70's anymore, wtf? They arent going to change out any wires, they might say they did. Read the computer for what?? IF the CEL isnt on, there is nothing to fuggin read. I bet they only change the plugs for $300. Screw that, do it yourself, Plugs will cost you about $15.
  12. $295 is quite a bit for changing some plugs (that aren't required at 45k)

    at 45k i'd recommend a coolant, brake and trans flush, new fuel filter, oil change and a rotate and balance

    the air filter, spark plugs and pcv you can easily change yourself
  13. Stock plugs from Ford are rated to 100k. Changed mine at around 90k and they were fine, gap was good and car ran no different than before.

    For most of you commenting, you obviously dont work in the automotive field. Most of the time, the person you talk to on the phone knows next to nothing about working on a car. And most people taking their car to a dealer, doesnt know much about cars either.

    However, just as most of you said, there is nothing to check with the computer, and there are no wires to change. The plugs I would do yourself. But I must say, if you dont have a nice variety of tools and a good amount of experience, you might not be too happy with yourself, especially if you are referring to the Mach in your sig.

    Since the plugs are only about half-way through their life span, I would take it in and have them diagnose your concern. GIVE AS MANY DETAILS AS POSSIBLE!!!! Please, this is highly important, and can be the difference between the tech finding a problem or no problem at all.