How Much Should I Ask For My Car?

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by Veritas0589, Sep 11, 2013.

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  1. Sorry if this is inappropriate, or in the wrong place.

    I'm going to sell my Mustang, and I'm looking for opinions on how much I should ask for it. It's a 1989 LX 5.0 Hatchback with an automatic, and 159,xxx miles. I bought it in 1998, and long story short it hasn't been driven since 2002 and spent most of that time in outside storage in Minnesota and Montana. It starts pretty rough, and if you can get it to idle on it's own, will die shortly after putting it in drive or reverse. (except the last time I had to move it which was really unexpected). The transmission leaks, and there is some surface rust, but mostly on the undercarriage. That's most of what I remember, but I'll add more if it comes to me.

    Here's a few pictures I took last year.
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  3. I assume by your helpful constructive criticism that I somehow broke the forum rules? Next time try explaining why what I did was wrong, please.
  4. Thank you madspeed. That's what I was thinking as well.
  5. As it sits? Probably not going to sell for a whole lot.

    Clean that thing nose to tail and top to bottom. Get it on the road and make sure it's not puking it's guts out everywhere. Buff the hell out that old paint.

    Then... I'd probably take $3k minimum if I were selling that car.
  6. Where are you selling it.....Hawaii...Alaska?

    That's a $1,500-$2,000 car AFTER sinking $1,000 into it just to make it presentable, even here in Canada....and Mustangs go for a mint up here.
  7. Ha! I knew you wouldn't be able to resist. Right here, I could sell a good running, unmolested Fox for $3k easily. To someone that KNOWS Fox bodies and who doesn't mind waiting for the perfect deal to come along? Maybe not but I could shine that thing up and put it out on the street with a For Sale sign on and it would be gone within 30 days.
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  8. sounds like a bet, I love a good bet
  9. Whaddya think you could get for a clean Fox out your way Asphalt?
  10. .....and, those pics were from a year ago he states in the first post. Wonder what she looks like now?
  11. Well the mustangs are plentiful in the south, it's just finding the right deal. I would say good and better models run around $5000-$7000.

    Here's a pretty cool '86 GT on craigslist for $4200...

    Here's an '85 that needs love for $3200

    Here's a decent '92 for $4500
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  12. That 85 and the OPs car are in about the same shape I'd say. Would be nice to know if that was 60K in miles or 160.
  13. thats a 1500 car as it sits... 3k-3500 running and driving . The int looks NICE in the pics. A quick buff with Meguirs ultimate compound and it will look tons better. New gas, tune up and I bet it runs like a champ again. Since its an auto probably best change the fluid and filter.
  14. edit: $1500.
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  15. Well I would have to agree with Mad @ $500. I bought a 89 GT with a similar history except it had been garaged for about 2/3 of the time. It had not been on the road since 2001, no rust except in the fuel tank because the filler tube grommet was collapsed. It has 94K on the odometer I bought it as a hobby/project from the original owner for $999.00, and mine looks in much better shape than the one pictured. I just got it running 2 weeks ago and the motor is already purring like a kitten. I figure I will have close to 2K in it without many mods just to fix the problems from sitting with no maintenance for 12 years.
    That said the prices some of you guys are quoting for running fox body's are much better than I thought I could get it. I think I will list it here if I decide to sell it down the road.
  16. Veritas I agree with what they say about cleaning it up but I wouldn't try to start it anymore without checking the tank. Mine was full of rust I had to replace the tank, fuel pump, filter, and sending unit then blow out all fuel lines to just get it running.
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