How Much Torque Can A 70 Coupe Handle

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by fastlane351c, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. hey all, im planning on building a new motor for my stang. im not in the budget to build a full roll cage so im looking for other options such as subframe connectors to beef up my chassis. out of curosity anyone have a ball park of how much torque it would be able to handle safely? thanks
  2. Well, the 70 hardtop could be ordered with the 428 Super Cobra Jet with the Drag Pac. You planning more torque than that?
  3. im looking at building a 408 stroker and hoping to get close to 400 hp to the wheels. although im a pretty novis builder so im not sure if that is a realistic number. its all a learning progress lol what do you think?
  4. If you follow through with weld-on subframe connectors, the 70' body will handle 400hp even with drag slicks at the track. On the street with street type tires, it will handle more.

    400hp at the wheels should be a walk in the park for a 408w with a good set of aftermarket heads.