How much under sticker did you pay for 2010?

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  1. how you much did u get
  2. Click here to see a lot of new 2010 Mustangs (V6, GT, TrackPack, GT500, etc.) all below MSRP and for sale right now. Some quite a lot below MSRP.
  3. 3100 under sticker here.
  4. $4000. There were 12 2010 Mustang GTs on the lot. I knew they needed to move them.
  5. 34k window sticker. Paid 28 + tax and tags

    I bought mine in early July. I got the GT premium with 355 gears, cold weather package, 19 inch wheels, Kona blue with saddle leather, 1000 shaker, side scoops, side window louvers and rear deck lid cover package. Love it. 6500 miles and still love everything about it. Took to the track this past weekend and ran at 13.70 at 102mph with a very easy launch. Great car!!
  6. I got mine summertime for $2,500 under sticker... prob coulda doubled that amount if I waitied till now..but I've def had more then $2500 worth of summer fun, so, it was def worth it.... almost 10K HARD miles and it's better than the 1st day I got it!!

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  7. I have not bought one, but I would advise you wait until about March of next year to buy a 2010 model. Once we're close to release of the new V6 and V8, the prices of the old cars will drop through the floor. I'll speculate you'll be able to buy one for $3k below invoice at least, after Ford puts cash on the hood. Go to and never use the word "sticker" again. You only need to look at the sticker once, and that's when you pull it off. Laugh at it, and then throw it away. Those sticker prices are for suckers or for the truly desperate.
  8. All new cars fall in value. If you really want to save money, you can wait until 2015 and buy one real cheap.

    A few guys paid sticker and over for the Shelby GT500 when it was introduced. I doubt they regret it.

  9. Oh, really? You'll be able to buy a brand spanking new 2010 for far less than invoice in the year 2015? You don't get it. The end of the year/beginning of the following year is the best time to buy a car. This rule applies doubly if the new car is supposed to be "better" than the previous model year. This concept is further magnified by the fact that Ford will relase the MY2011 Mustang very early in 2010. I've read it will have a Spring time release. In turn, look for your 2010 Mustang right before, or right after the Spring release. The pickings will be slim, so you need to watch inventory.

    As for the folks who paid MSRP or over for their car, let's be nice and call them "truly desperate". Whether they regret the purchase or not is irrelevant. I'll keep my opinion on folks who pay $50k for a Mustang (albeit a beautiful one) to myself.
  10. I never said anyone could buy a "brand spanking new" 2010 Mustang in 2015. I was just saying that a 2010 Mustang will be cheaper in 2015. You are the one that is trying to time the market.

    No one knows what the economy will do by March 2010. If I had a crystal ball and could predict prices going forward three months, I would buy financial assets.

    I bought my 2010 Mustang because I wanted one. I didn't want to wait. I don't care if someone buys this car for less money in March 2010.

    I didn't care back in the mid 1990's. I bought a 1994 Cobra and a 1995 Cobra R then, and I don't regret either purchase. I drove both of them last week:

    I plan on buying a 2011 Mustang in a few months.

  11. Wow.. well said, I couldnt wait either when I got mine... I didn't even wanna wait 4 the bank once I picked out my Please keep us updated when they start allowing you to pre-order a 2011, it'll prob be the same week they "officially" release the 5.0!!! LOL
  12. paid $5k under with my discount from work and rebate.
  13. 5100 Off 29000 sticker

    5100 off a Deluxe, so 24100 +++
  14. About $5200 had over a dozen on the lot, and were not moving.
  15. So you guys think $3k under sticker for a highly optioned 2010 GT should be more than reasonable? The dealer has a bunch on the lot...I think the particular one I'm looking at has been there for months (4+?). He'll offer me a 'reasonable' trade in value on my '08 but refuses to budge on the sticker price of the new one. I'd think there would be quite a bit of room for negotiation given the current market, the 2011's that are coming out, and the fact that it has many options that might allow more room for discounts than a base car. ?? There are also tons of Camaros and Challengers sitting on lots which would seem to influence the market value of new muscle cars in 2010. What do you all think?
  16. as of right now with no incentives im about 3500 under MSRP on the 2011 i ordered.
  17. Dealerships can vary widely in how much they will discount. My MO has been to configure the car on the manufacturer's web site and submit for quotes. I usually receive some reasonable first time around quotes this way. I purchased my 2010 last September this way and got a quote of about $2000 off. After further discussion, I got $3500 of including incentives. I thought this was very reasonable. I am not sure how some of these folks get a lot more than that. I don't think the dealers are selling at a loss, although it is hard to know what the true dealer's cost is. My rule of thumb is that 8-10% off is good. The dealerships are in the business to make a profit.
  18. Well...I'm going to stand tough. Worst case scenario, I'll finish paying off my '08 (only a few more months) and drive it until I can find a deal on a 2011; and that wouldn't be too bad of a scenario!! :nice:

    I like the 2010 I'm looking at but it's just not worth it to me if I can't get a fair "deal" on it. It seems that the desireability of the 2010s would be low with the 2011s landing on lots soon with improved features.
  19. 2010 for $6,231 below MSRP, can anyone beat this "no haggle" internet price? quote?

    2010 Sterling Grey / track pak. Spoiler delete. $6,231 below MSRP, can anyone beat this "no haggle" internet price?

    But... they tack on shipping (850) & "service chg" (100). If they took these off I don't think I'll wait. Hard to resist this deal... arghhhh !

    Do all dealers tack these on?