How much under sticker did you pay for 2010?

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  1. They tack that on to make you think you are getting a better deal than you really are. I just looked at a 2010 GT, $35,500 sticker. With Xplan it is about $33,400 or so and take $2,500 off for rebates. I have another special offer from Ford for another $750 which I did not tell them about. My dealer would go no lower, only said they thought the rebate should be higher. I told them we were about $4,000 off especially when they offered me $18,000 for my fully loaded 2007 GT with 22,000 miles.
    Unless the deals on the 2010s get better, I am waiting at least a year and picking up a 2011 GT.
  2. I got x-plan, $3000 in rebates, $750 Ford special offer, and a similar trade value for my 08 GT with 18K miles. I don't really think that's a horrible deal as the new ones aren't likely to have $3750 in incentives and will cost a couple thousand more MSRP. If you look at values on used Mustangs now they aren't particularly valuable (as for most used cars). If you think you can sell your '07 for more $$ privately (which you possibly could but it might take a long time) that would be an option...but I didn't want to mess with it and would rather trade and take the loss.

    ...and w/ x-plan I don't think I paid the 850 shipping charge so that was another savings.
  3. I am still waiting for a 2011 unless the rebate gets to about $4000 and they throw in 0 percent.
    I think I would deeply regret getting rid of my 2007, which is a super great car, and not getting a 2011.
  4. 2010 Gt Premium sticker price was $34240 + 195 for pinstripe. Tax,title out the door price was $31500
  5. I traded for a 2010. Sticker was $35,500. (Actually it is now $36,000 even because the dealer had the car for about six months and there was a price increase). After taxes I got about $6,000 off the sticker and 3.7 percent interest.
    No way I could get a 2011 for that.
  6. I traded for 2010 this week. All together, with rebates, $7.5K off sticker, plus $2K more than I paid for my trade. Very fair deal and I won't even get close to $27.5K for a loaded premium 2011 premium GT (2010 MSRP $35K)
  7. $4000 under invoice. Thought about holding out for the 2011 but the 2010 can certainly make up the horsepower deficit and then some with the money saved.