Mach 1 How much was your down payment

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by BaD*GT, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. i want to trade in my gt for a mach 1, tomorrow i'm going to try and get a test drive, how much was your downpayment?do you think they will do the x plan?

  2. i'm in rhode island...i'm gettin 12.5 for my 00gt plus 6cash........$ can take the 0 dwn no intrest option vs 3k rebate..i think.......what dealer?
  3. Mantilia Motors
    West Haven, CT

    is the dealer i want, i got my gt there, but the black mach 1 i found is at Coloney Ford
    Meriden CT

    i will have around 1300 to put down or more
  4. ya Coloney Ford has two mach 1's
    2004 Black
    2004 Azure Blue

  5. black is what i have..real sleeper! and stealthy
  6. I like the stealthiness of black...I got white with the black stripes, not too stealthy but hard to see in this damn snow. :nonono:

  7. you're in CT lookin for a mach 1 too?? I have only searched online and found one in torrington and that's pretty far away. i wanna trade in the WRX but i owe about $11,000 and would have no other down payment but about $5-6k left over from the trade.... I'm only 19 so I'm guessing i can't get 0% financing. The people at Colonial Ford in Danbury told me I'm stupid to trade in my car for another mustang. I tried tellin the guy I miss my Cobra too much but he said he didnt even wanna sell me a mustang if i was trading in my car. The WRX is way more practical.... but hey.. it's no mustang..... i dunno what to do.