How much weight does the A/C Delete save?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by InMyPrimeSVT, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Can anyone tell me exactly how much deleting the A/C will save? Any opinions on if it is truly worth it.
  2. 25-30 lbs tops. If you remove all the components including the evap and vaccuum lines. Not worth doing if you ever think of selling the car or enjoy some of the warmer/humid climates.

    If you are doing a hardcore drag car then maybe I would recommend it, but in that case there is alot of ways to lighten up.

  3. Well if that's the number, I don't really think it's worth it.
  4. It was worth 40lbs in my car and worth it. It does get a little hot in july and august but nothing to worry about.
  5. Hmm....well I don't use it for a DD. But, it does get mighty hot in the summers here in Ohio. I wonder what that weight savings would baiscally do for the 1/4 mile time. My guess is nothing...but I've been wrong numerous times before....
  6. 40 pounds on my car. And yes worth it to get that clutter out of the engine compartment so I can work and big weight savings. It all adds up. My-o.
  7. i got rid of mine for a few reasons
    a-to offset some of the weight that i gained from the vortech
    b-to clear some of the massive clutter in these engine bays
    c-removed condenser so my fluidyne radiator is wide open for incoming air,
  8. yeah, there's definite gains, you just gotta decide whether you want AC or not. it's a lot more than 25-30. The compressor weighs 25 on it's own. I'v been thinking about getting rid of mine. I'm getting so sick of fixing twice a summer and recharging it again.
  9. I just took my condensor out today. The radiator can deffinatly breathe alot better now. I would also say between 25-35lbs as far as weight savings, but your car should also run cooler too.
  10. How do you take the condenser out?
  11. what do you guys do on very humid rainy days when your windows fog up? My a/c condensor went bad and i was thinking about pulling it if i can figure out a way to not have my windows fog up when it rains/humid days.
  12. The condensor is right infront of the radiator. I was taking my rad out for the motorswap, and the condensor just kinda pulls out.
  13. Are you willing to part with some of the A/C?

    I don't know what's it called, but one of my tubes on top next to the dip stick is leaking. I could use one that dosen't leak if you or anyone is willing to sell?

  14. That's the low pressure line. Mine leaks too.
  15. i like my A/C too much to ditch it
  16. you don't need A/C I ditched mine early early in the summer (in
  17. Does unpluggin the A/C set any codes?
    Also, is there a tool to disconnect the lines? I am ready to take mine out but I need to know how to disconnect the lines.
  18. It will only set codes when the computer is hooked up to a scanner.

    and to disconnect all you need is the fuel line disconnect tools.
  19. The top losses I've heard for weight are about 58 lbs with EVERYTHING removed. Weight/E.T. golden rule is a tenth of a second for every 100 lbs lost, but just a general rule of thumb.

    Plus, other advantages are lower engine temps, less weight on the front of the vehicle, and an uncluttered engine bay that truly needs it. Air conditioning is as easy as opening some windows and driving faster...

    Yank it out and beat it with a hammer...