How much would you charge to change out a fuel pump?

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by GDawg, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. It's on a '98 Ford Windstar Van. 3.8L engine and 10 pounds of sugar in the gas tank... and you have to do it on the side of the road by an apartment complex and a zombie army of crack heads...
  2. Well for one... that would suck. That is probably the worst scenrio lol, but still you have to ask your self why you are thinking about doing it. If its is to help the person out (good samaritan award) then I wouldnt charge anything outside that persons budget. If it is to make some $$$ then I would call the local mech shop, ask how much they would charge, then charge half of that. I say half because you are not a licensed mech and I sure wouldnt pay someone one price when the mech shop only charges a little more with a guarentee/warranty. Hope this helps...
  3. I would do the opposite. I would call the local mechanic and ask their price. Mine would be double. I despise being covered in gasoline. I've had it happen several times and I hope to avoid ever having it happen again.
  4. Actually I am a licensed mechanic. I was nice and charged the lady $120 with her buying the pump. She was a real ****. I won't do that again.
  5. Im confused here. If your a licensed mechanic then why are you on here asking how much to charge? Unless it is just a discussion topic you wanted to start, but I took it as you needed to know what a fair price was to charge. And since licensed mechanics (assuming that is their profession) deal with the prices of labor and are used to working in :poo:ty conditions on a daily bases I just assumed you weren't my apologies.
  6. I was just starting a discussion...
  7. Would totally depend on how hawt she was whether the weather dictated the wear of Daisy Dukes and a tight tank top. :shrug:
  8. What's flat rate for the job? It is what it is what it is... If it's around 2.0 hours she got a better price than she would have paid at a shop.
  9. I would have made her pay up front. That way you can respond to her bull:poo: letting her know you will pack your tools and leave her pile of crap on the side of the road.

    I always was leery of doing sidework because the people who asked were usually too cheap to pay the shop labor rate. In turn, these dirtbags usually nickle and dime you to death.
  10. whos good at knowing fuel pump issues with a 00 3.8 mustang