How Much Would You Offer?

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  1. How much would you offer for this car? It's a 93 4 banger auto I think around 150k miles. He says it runs, but the pullies look rusty, the master cylinder looks empty, one of the heater hoses looks busted, the tires are shot, I highly doubt the a/c works and he conveniently left out a pic of a dent in the right rear. The interior looks ok, but there appears to be no carpet on the driver side. I'm going to see it tomorrow, just wondered how low you would go ;)


  2. To be honest if someone told me they would give me that car I would say no.
  3. Why? Are you a stang snob? The body looks straight, could be a decent car to swap my stock v8 parts on to. These cars need to be saved or they will just be parted out and crushed.
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  4. Definitely no more than 500 bucks. I've bought many cars in this condition for about 500 bucks and brought them back to life!
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  5. Thanks for the input, I was thinking around that much. Not like I don't have enough parts in the garage to get it going!
  6. 500 is fair
  7. agree, it looks pretty rust free and you can check out the floor boards etc with no carpet...the pulleys rust just sitting anyway ...and... you get a free air gun :)
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  8. You thinking about two projects now :confused:
    Becareful with adding to the plate, but yes $500 would be fair.
  9. I agree with 89oem, the free airgun would be a bonus!
  10. You guys are being way to generous, I wouldn't pay more then $350. I'm sure you're doing the guy a favour by getting it out of his yard. Factor in gas going to pick it up, a trailer rental if you don't have one, gas etc. Look at the BIG picture.
  11. Yes I put gas twice lol might be filling up I don't know
  12. Sitting on grass like that...I'd take a peek under the car. The moisture coming off the grass tends to rust cars up pretty well if they sit a while
  13. I paid $750 for this car a few years ago...


    It was in similar condition to what you are looking at, but it is a 5-speed car which I think it very important. If it is more than $600 I would just walk away. It takes a lot to get them back into shape.
  14. I took it home for $660 including a 30 mile tow! My wife wasn't thrilled to have another project either:mad:, but it cranked right up, all the fluids looked good and no rust. My ranger is one giant band-aid now, so I was looking for a DD that I can throw some of my spare/take-off parts on. I'm the third owner, it's been sitting in a barn on a farm since 2004. All the trim is there, it has the factory cassette player, all original manuals and he bought new door and sunroof seals but didn't install them. He installed a new master cylinder and wheel cylinders but there is no pedal. He didn't bleed them right or he didn't bench bleed it :(

    The last guy bought it wanting to do a V8 swap but lost motivation. He was trying to sell the car and all of his crappy stock parts that have been sitting outside for $3k. He threw in a set of 5spd pedals and some extra interior pieces too. The right rear fender is a little rough, but I think I can make it decent. I'm going to get the brakes working, change the plugs and fluids, throw in some carpet and rock it! I have a bunch of stock stuff I took off my V8 car I might put on here. Like brakes, sway bars, rear springs, a-arms and control arms and what ever else is laying around. Pics to follow...
  15. Not a snob at all man. I have come to realize that if you are willing to just save up a little more and spend more on a nice car youll save a lot of money in the long run.

    You can spend 500 on that and have to redo EVERYTHING or spend 1500-2000 on a very nice clean 5.0 or 4cyl. That saves you a ton of money on body work, paint, etc etc etc
  16. SAM_0534.jpg

    Wait, what is that?

  17. I have a garage full of parts from fox bodies so it seemed like a good deal rather than trying to sell my stock V8 parts for next to nothing. It was a good investment for me, but I know where you are coming from. I looked at some rough ones :eek:
  18. 10 years of funk

    After a quick wash and some ponies
  19. And so it begins!!