How Much Would You Offer?

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  1. Much better looking with a clean and the ponys.

    I daily drove a 4cyl car for a couple years, although a 5-speed. It got the job done, but man oh man are they slow!

    Was the driver side carpet actually cut out?
  2. This is the first auto fox I've ever had! But I have had 4 bangers before and I've felt the 90hp fury :cool: Yeah, it was cut out so he could inspect the floor pan. Not a big deal, new carpet makes such an improvement it is worth the $100. I'm going to pull it out today and shampoo the seats.
  3. Carpet is about $135 from LRS for just the front these days. More if you want Mass back. I have tallied up the total cost to redo the one pictured and it is pretty scary!

    Although there are some costly parts that were not necessary but I wanted (fiberglass hood ($500), Fiberglass hatch($250 used), Cervini's Cobra body kit ($1200 on sale), Paint ($1200 with primer/base/clear) ) I am about 8K total invested in the car, and I bought whatever I could on sale and used to try and control it. There are just so many parts that can nickel and dime you to death.

    Granted, the car will be nice when it is done, but I could have bought a nice running car with that kind of money. Building your own car is cool because you get the sense of pride and you get EXACTLY what you want, but it costs more and it costs more of your time. I'm about 3 years so far and I really just want to be done and drive!

    Good luck with your car!
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  4. $1200 for paint, hope thats just material
  5. I'm not trying to get crazy with it, just needed a beater. It's been a few years since I've driven a Fox and I got the itch. My coupe is a different story, that's gonna take awhile but it's going to be done right ;)
  6. Yes I have/am painting it myself. PPG products.

  7. EXACTLY. It is always cheaper to buy than build. The downside with buying a built car is you don't know the history or quality of the build in most cases, and/or you're buying a ragged out car. The upside is obviously somebody else already invested the time, money, and effort.

    In my case after looking at about 30 cars, I decided to buy a low mile, stock Mustang and build it the way I want. That, and it was a complete car- everything was there and worked. I know it will cost me double vs. buying it already built, but I'm in no hurry. I figure I have about 3-4k into the car along with the purchase price and that's with buying most of the parts used. I've got about 1k worth of suspension and brake parts sitting in my gargage waiting to go on.

    What's still left are

    New top
    New Tires

    So there's another 2k into the money pit.

    It never ends with these cars. Truly a love/hate thing.
  8. Damn, $1200 for the paint? Mystichrome or somethinn?
  9. Nope, I am just factoring the total costs. POR-15 and Primers (around $300 in total), I went cheaper on the base coat by using the budge OMNI brand Vibrant Red Base (around $250 with reducer) which would have been around $600 for PPG's Deltron paint line, DCU 20o2 Concept Clear with hardener and reducer around $450, another $75 for black paint for trim, plus additional things like a flattener for the clear so that the trim will be the correct semi-gloss and plastic prep/adhesion promoters.

    I've got the entire costs of the project documented on a spreadsheet that I planned to publish once the car is completed. I don't want to hijack this thread any further, but the build is documented on the corral here...
  10. I got a pair of GT seats in the garage.... And your not too far from me
  11. Haven't seen these intact in awhile
    SAM_0627.JPG SAM_0629.JPG

    I brought the interior inside to scrub right before this started