$$$$$ how much????

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  1. Well, i have not gotten anything yet, i am still researching on what i want to get if not a 5.0.....
    but how much more am i likely to spend if i get a ford racing short block for $1400 and a good 5.0 chasis&body for 4000.
    my plan is 300rwhp, beefed up a/t, carburated, no a/c, street legal and reliable car. (all N/A)
    i like to put a new engine and a/t in there for piece of mind.
    the reason i ask is b/c I like to have a V8 for once, and i cant afford a new GT. basicly is this project im working on going to be over $24000???
  2. Buy used 2002-2003GT for 15K. Toss on Supercharger. Run 12's. Call it a day.
  3. ummmmmmmmmm no,
    1. i dont like the body style... to many of them on the road.
    2. I want all motor.
    3. i wish a 02 was 15k but there like 17-20k here+ add 3000 on the blower and tune
    4. I want something different

    im just curious on how much your project cars (n/a) cost.
  4. or buy an already built 5.0 for 6k and run 12's lol
  5. I like your thinking....I just got done driving my Friends new (to him) 2002 GT with some bolt ons and pullies and it was pretty fast......No supercharger though....But I can imagine.

    But I still love my 5.0's

    For his question. You could Build it for Much less than $24000

    If you were going to spend that....Buy a 2002-2003 and Supercharge it like "Mustang5L5" said.

    I would'nt replace the engine for peice of mind. Freshen up the engine it's got and replace bolt ons with new and better performance alt, waterpump, Fuel pump, ETC......There is no need for a new engine unless the one you got was blown. SOme machining and that engine would be better than new.

    I do all the work yourself.....Thats what I recommend.
  6. Well if you are planning on getting a whole new engine then buy a 4 cylinder for cheap and convert it over to an V8. You should be able to get one for around 1 or 2 grand and then throw the engine in that.

    Or you could buy a decent V8 and just have the engine rebuilt. I think the stock block can handle 300rwhp.

    for $15 grand you could have an amazing car....10 grand even
  7. actually im thinking of a 351w or 351c swap,
  8. The motor shouldnt cost over $10,000 if you go all out,and a good tranny (Lentech) is another $2500. So that puts you at $16,500 for a really fast NA car. (The motor will probably cost less without all the EFI and wiring stuff too)
  9. DSS 357W long block with AFR heads--$5000
    Misc. engine stuff--$2000-3000
    Built A/T--$1500-2000
    Built 8.8 with axles,auburn posi,gears,labor--$1000
    Springs,struts,U/L control arms,C/C plates--$500-1000
    Clean, running GT/LX--$2000-5000
    brake and 5-lug upgrade--$200-1000
    Rims and tires--$1000
    Fully built 11 second NA car with paint would be less than $20k
  10. I've done every possible thing you can do to a mustang besides paint and rollcage and it cost me about $16k, and thats with intercooled procharger system. So your NA 351 would be much less. But dont forget that you cant just think about the engine and tranny. Higher power levels require better brakes, traction, drivetrain and suspension to not only harness the power but make it safe and reliable. So remember this when calculating cost. Anyone can build a pimp engine but just that is going to keep it slow still and prone to breaking everything.
  11. I still love my 5.0s and i'm keeping them.

    But i'm in the market for a new 02-04 GT or '03 Mach 1. After driving a few it's just so hard to climb back in my old Fox for the drive home. The used Mustang market has a lot of '00 and '01's for 12-15K, even a few '99 GT's can be had for under 10K. Just the idea of tossing a supercharger on one of these and calling a day looks very good to me because i've driven old Fox chassis Mustangs for 6 years and i just need something new and fast.
  12. then do it...
  13. if you only want 300rwhp , just do a stock 302 with afr 165's, supporting bolt ons like a performer intake, custom grind cam... you will be there EASY... 1400 for heads and gaskets, (maybe a tad more) performer intakes , varies depending if you want used or new, 300-500 bucks, full exhaust. it adds up, but i am probably over pricing some stuff...