How old is everyone???

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  1. Well, I decided to ask this question because of 2 reasons

    1. I'm wondering how old everyone is...are mustangs owned by younger people, middle aged, or older people mostly, and...

    2. I want to see how big this thread can really get...

    So the million dollar question is, how old are you?

    I'm 20
  2. I will be 26 in Nov so that makes me 25 right now :D
  3. 15. I have a Supra with 1400hp and nosss
  4. :lol:

    Bought my stang when i was 18.. Im 20 now..
  5. 20. had my GT since 17 :nice:
  6. :banana: 23 (24 in December). :banana:
  7. 18...had my stang since 16
  8. 27 gone through 3 stangs back to back
  9. Damn i'm old! I am 30 and this is my 3rd stang. Got my first, an 89GT, when I was 18.
  10. 30, proud owner for 2 years. hopefully wont be last 'stang :)
  11. Im 18 had the Stang since I was 16 and had a 02 V6 when I was 15 and had my permit.
  12. 22: Second stang in 2 years or so:D
  13. I'm 29. Working on getting my 2nd Mustang since my first was totaled a couple weeks ago. It was a black 2001 GT. Only had it for about 3 years.
  14. 29...Currently on my 4th Stang, & I stll own the 3rd too.... Got my first stang when I was 26 & ive had a 96GT, 97 Cobra, 03 Mach1 & 95 GT....

    I will never be stangless:flag:
  15. 28 :nice: And I'm keeping the Stang I have till it rots.....and buying more as time goes by of course! (When I can!)