How old is everyone???

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  1. 41
    They've done this thread afew times before. I'd say it's 90% 30 and below.
  2. yup, usually about twice a year

  3. Heh, yep. One of the funniest movies ever I think.
  4. 22 until the 30th of this month then i'll be 23 :banana:.... and i have 2 stangs a 03GT and 91 5.0L(heavily modified)
  5. 35 here and on my 2nd stang and 3rd Ford product:

    2000 Rio Red GT
    2003 DSG GT
    2003 Ford Fucus:( :notnice: :nonono:

    I shouldnt be soo hard on the Fucus but damn.......even if it fell out of a tree and over a cliff it would still be slow as hell.
  6. really, the reason i did this was because i was bored and i also wanted to try and make this thread bigger than the seafoam thread but i doubt that will happen
  7. 23, turn 24 on Sep 20th. got my stang on Nov 1, 2004.
  8. Yeah, looks like you win so far Doug. At 40, I'm right behind CrzyHrse. Got my first Mustang (actually a fox body Capri Turbo) at 16 and got my current ride a year ago. I'm surprised there aren't more of us middle-age-crisis'ers out here. :rlaugh:
  9. Because 20 is the new 40. :D Were senior citizens.
  10. check the 'o5+ forum:)
  11. 19, 20 next month. I've had the car since it had 4,100 miles and just 9 months old, I was 16.
  12. 28. Still paying off my first and only Stang. :notnice:
  13. 27 here..... 7th ford

    first stang when i was 16....twas a phony pony:( but cool enough to get all the chicks in high school:D
  14. i'm too old...
    can't go anywhere without stopping at every rest area to pee
  15. :lol:
    maybe you dont have a going problem, but a growing problem?:rlaugh:

    Im 22, got my first stang last november and just traded it in for an 03 mach:nice:
  16. Just get some Depends and call it a day :shrug:
  17. 17 here, 18 in November.