How old is everyone???

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  1. Just turned 38. On my first Mustang, waited until I could afford a 2nd vehicle for myself before buying one. Not fun driving one in the snow, thats why I've had trucks until now. The truck is an F150 with 4.6 so been in the family for awhile just not the fast part. :nice:
  2. 32 Here.

    You'll find most Stang ownership revolves around a person’s age. The younger guys will be driving Fox's and early SN95's since they often fit within a younger persons price range and replacement parts if needed are readily had at the local junk yard.

    The guys in their early, to late-20's usually drive later SN95's since they've now started making money and toys usually take priority over a home and or starting a family

    The guys in their 30's and will usually be running around in an S197 or New Edge, since making a car payment now isn't so out of the question as it was when they were young and most of us don't want the headache or endless financial burden of pouring money into an old car anymore. :)

    ....and the guys in their 40's and above are open to any of the above three as well as the classics. They've usually got most of their toys payed off, kids are set up in school and they're ready for toy's-o-plenty. :D
  3. Twenty eight.
  4. my stang when i was 14..
  5. 27 and Female.
  6. yea everybody tells me i drive a mid 20's age car lol
  7. Still fun to play...

    I'm only month I move up a notch.
  8. ill be 21 in 20days and im on my 2nd stang first one was a 87 notch now im paying off the 97
  9. I guess I am one of the old crew (the few of us there are so far). I am 50.
    But I still enjoy my 2000 GT vert. Had a 1971 Mach I many years ago.
  10. 22 and on my third stang. Had two 5.0's before this, an 88 hatch and an 89 notchback. They were fun and cheap to mod/fix but the 99 is better in so many ways.
  11. I'm 40, the car is actually the wifes, her second, I have an 01 Lightning. She had a 92 gt she owned for 10 years and put 165k miles on it, then she bought a then new 02 which she still has and is a dd with 100k+ on it. She is 38 and a true mustang lover, she just hates to get rid of a good car.
  12. 22...first stang had it for 2 years now paid in cash with my own money
  13. 22 23 next month. 3rd mustang own 2 and 3 still.
  14. I'll turn 30 next week.

    Birthdays are cool until you pass 25. :(
  15. 20 as of a few days ago.
  16. I'm with you one that one.... 32 here (at least for a couple more months)...
  17. 25

    my second stang, First was an 02 v6