How old is everyone???

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  1. 29 - this is my first stang but i bought it new 5 1/2 years ago. love it and dont ever want to gige it up.
  2. Why is everyone sad to be over 30? That is where all the fun begins.
  3. 20... will be 21 in less then a month :D :nice: :spot:
  4. 19, this is my first stang. had three t-birds before that
  5. Im 32, and this is my eighth Stang. I was 15 when I got my first car- a 84.5 GT 350 Hatch.
  6. 23 and this is my first Stang. Lovin' it!
  7. I too am 50; and too had a ('72) Mach 1 many years before. They're more fun now.
  8. 42 here :nice: when the youngest daughter left for college I got my mustang, and the old man got his harley :lol: now is the time to enjoy life!
  9. 21 here

    currently own my second stang, bought it when i was 17 (first car was a stock 98 auto GT:bang: )

    its funny that when i was 17-19, working part time and going to college, i spent a ton of money on the stang. dropped around 10k in those 3 years. now that ive started working full time and making pretty good money, i dont want to buy anything for her anymore b/c i'd rather invest my money. my sister says im the youngest old man she knows :(
  10. I just turned 21, owned a stang since i was 17 yrs old in 03
  11. i'm 22 oct 1st
  12. Turned 22 last month!!!! Had my car since i was 20...i think:shrug:
  13. 25 and I got the car brand new when I was 18
  14. Im 24 will be 25 in December Had the stang since I was 21.