how reliable is the 2.3?

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by olyfiveoh, May 6, 2005.

  1. i had to rebuild my 2.3 when it hit 400000 miles because the crank seal wore a grove in the crank when it pissed oil out and the bore went oval. and i was still getting over 20mpg and only burning 2-3 quarts of oil a day! lmao
  2. I've had probably a dozen 2.3s in Fairmonts and Mustangs. Only managed to blow one up. Good gas milage, keep oil in it so the cam doesn't starve. I travelled 60 miles one way to work every day for 20+ years, so I have lots of miles on them. Still have a 90 LX hatch 5 spd, a 93 auto coupe and 4 motors in my garage. The cars for the motors are long gone!
  3. Not a mustang but the same 2.3 in my 96 ranger has about 100k, gets 25 mpg while lugging the weight of a truck lifted with 31's. Great compression (186-191 psi), and burns no oil yet.....
  4. Bought my '93 coupe 2.3 to keep the miles off of my '87 GT. I love the little 2.3 I paid 400 bucks for the car with a bad ignition module. Replaced that and have had no other problems. When driving I sometimes miss the torque of my GT , but when I am driving my GT I find myself wishing it handled like my 2.3. LOL