how should I go about doing up my flows?

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  1. ok, going to get duels, flow's 40 series, what would be the best way to let the shop do this...should I get an H pipe, or should I have It going all the way back without any connection? meaning H pipe, X pipe...... And what If I eliminated my cats? would It be good or bad? And I don't care about getting it inspected In the future, I can work around that.
  2. straight back and no cats if you don't have to worry about emissions
  3. Someone told me If I cut the cats out that my check engine light would stay on. How true Is this? Will I run Into any problems?
  4. if you get rid of the cats, your CEL will come on. Get MIL eliminators from any performance shop. It plugs into the O2 sensor, but still needs to be in the exhaust. I would recommend keeping the cats, I don't have any and I sound ricey at high RPMS.

  5. what kind of mufflers you have?
  6. definately keep your cats. it's one thing to put an o/r x or h-pipe on a V8, but on V6s it sounds like crap, especially with no mufflers. just have the shop do a true dual set-up from the cats back (mandrel bent if they'll do it). an h-pipe isn't necessary on v6's, but some people like to get them anyway to smooth it out a little more. kind of a waste of money if you ask me, but that's your call.
  7. splattered is right. The H or X pipe is essentially useless. Those pipes were made for 302's where the engine would actually fire 2 cylinders sequentially on one side of the engine. For a V6, there are no 2 cylinders fired one after the other on the same side, therefore no balancing of the exhaust is necessary.

    As far as my exhaust, I have the Borla Rebel 500. But it's a highly restrictive exhaust, not good for max power.
  8. thanks fella's. :nice: