How To Build A 1970 Mustang Door With Bolt In Glass

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    1. Building a new door and window mechanisms on a 1970 Ford mustang with bolt in glass.

      I’m buillding my car, a 1970 Quarterhorse with a 390/4 speed toploader. When building the doors I was warned how hard it was, and I found this to be wrong.

      I followed these simple steps.

      Starting with a bare shell door, install the lock, door handle and latch

      Layout all window components on a table. All of them, every nut bolt and screw for 1 door. When you have them all, you can start. I did my door with a car on a lift, about 4 feet up, door open.

      Use a factory drawing of the assembly, and layout the parts and bolts as they go in the drawing

      Put the rubber stop on the middle center of the door, inside

      Lay down the two vertical slides in the bottom, in the back of the door, away from you.

      carefully drop the door glass with its new end gasket into the door and rest on the rubber.

      Raise the glass halfway up, and through the door, install rubber grip clamps to hold the glass for you.

      Build the front glass assembly by inserting the slides (grease the slides) with new gasket/cushion into the glass, then the little bushings, then the inside gasket/cushion, followed by the plate. Bolt the slide bolts, then the “third bolt” that has the round back plate and plastic grommet.
      Repeat for the rear assembly.

      With the window still halfway or more up, erect the verticals loosely, with top bolts and lowers.

      Put the window regulator into the door, bolt in place with the 4 bolts. Hook up the front arm that bolts to the front assembly with a nut.

      Take the regulator roller on the back arm, and put in rear assembly slide and bolt in place on the rear assembly.

      bolt the rear arm of the regulator to the door via the hanging (vertical) regulator arm.

      Tighten all bolts per best practice. Careful with the 6 glass clamps.

      Adjust front rear tilt with the hanging arm bolt

      Adjust top in/out tilt with the lower bolts for the vertical slides

      Carefully adjust these adjustments and bring the window to where you want the top position to be.

      Install the front and rear upper stops

      Drop the window, install the top door gasket to the outside of the glass

      Install the inner door latch and its link rod to the latch

      Adjust your rear quarter windows to line up with the front glass

      Please comment and keep for others.
  1. Sorry I didn't take more pictures, but my hands were full.

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