How to change fuel filter?

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  1. I did a search but came up with nothing.. I bought a new fuel filter, wondering where it is located and if I just unplug the old one and pop this one in?
  2. in front of the gas tank on the passenger side, and yes... youll spill some gas though.
  3. Here is a copy of what I posted here last year:

    Changed my fuel filter today. I change it between 25000-30000. Let the car sit overnight and there was no pressure on the lines. Approximately 6 oz of fuel streamed from the hoses and the filter. I just used a pan to catch it and waited for it to drain before removing the filter all the way out. Here are a couple of pics I took. The first one is before doing anything and the second is with the hosed detached and filter removed. The clips come out easy, just use a screw driver to go under the duckbill. While prying up with the screwdriver, push the bottom of clips open with your other hand. Installation back is a breeze, just remember what the orientation of the clips were and you won't have to guess which hole what goes in

    Very easy protection and performance keeper for less than $8 with tax.


  4. The lines have plastic clips holding the lines on. Make sure your new filter came with the clips. The old ones normally break.
  5. it's not really on any side of the car. you have to climb under the rear of your car, and you'll see it right in front of the gas tank. there are 2 white clips that you must pull off of each end before you can get the fuel lines to disconnect. you can usually pull them by hand, sometimes you'll need the assistance of a flathead screw driver. you'll also need to loosen the strap that holds the filter to the car, just a regular hose clamp style clamp though.
  6. Got it! Yeah, it was more or less in the middle, and a ***** to get to! wasnt too hard to do though, quick job.. Thanks to all!
  7. How the lights working these days?
  8. I just did it the day before yesterday.

    *note to self: put some vacuum caps on fuel filter before taking it out.*
  9. You beat me to it as I always recommend to everyone to stick a couple Vacuum Caps on the Filter and you get so much less fuel on yourself!
  10. :lol: Good to know now, my arm looked like it was about to go up in flames if I rubes the filter the wrong way, and my shirt is now out in the yard full of gas awaiting a good cleaning tomorrow.. haha

    You know what! The fuse actually blew again, it blew when I was putting the MFC back in place, so it seems there may be some wires back there touching, I got lazy and decided to get my tune up done first.. lol
  12. Yeah I had a lot of money pouring down my arm too, luckily I didnt get much on my shirt though.:nice: