Mach 1 How to change spark plugs on a MAch1

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  1. Ok... I have been like a shade tree mechanic since before I could drive and in the past changing out spark plugs was a snap. Well I have an Azure blue Mach1 and I bought new plugs for it and figured I would save some bucks by doing it my self (easy enough). I open the hood and could not seem to find the things. Just seeing the fuel rails.

    So here is the question... how do you change the spark plugs in a Mach1? I have googled this question many times and many ways and not found any articles relating to it.

    Any help is appreciated :bang:
  2. They are in the head like a Mopar Hemi. You need to remove the coil covers from the valve covers then pull off the coils.
  3. It was a fairly time consuming switchout, but not hard by any means.

    You'll have to remove your air intake from the filter to the throttle body to access the plugs on the passenger side. This is a great time to clean the MAF. You'll also need extensions, 12"-15" should do it. A torque wrench is a necessity in my opinion as the threads are EASILY stripped.

    I just took a small hand ratchet with the extensions and did the plugs one at a time, starting from the back and working my way to the front of the car. Just loosen the spark plug, use the wire (coil? boot?) to pull out the old one and use the wire, holding the spark plug loosely, to put in the new one so you're not just dropping them in. Tighten down the spark plug with the hand ratchet until you feel resistance. Attach the extensions to the torque wrench and give the plug a final twist to 11ft/lb of torque. Plug in the wire and move down the line.

    An air compressor is also a good idea to clear out any debris from the cylinder before removing the old spark plug. Also, make sure you clean your coil, wire, boot thingy before attaching it back to the plug.

    I recommend the torque wrench as it lessens the chance of stripping the threads. There is NO WAY to re-thread the cylinder heads if they are stripped. The ford workshop manual even states that the cylinder head must be replaced if it is stripped.Use anti seize on the threads