How To: Change Your Cluster to Blue L.E.D.s/Incandescent bulbs for $8

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by AmBo, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. Thats what I did with my HVAC and the red side looks purple at night so it will probably have a similar effect on the blue side with red bulbs. I to get the clear piece off I had to drill out the black plastic that held it on but a little amazing goop or similar plastic glue will stick it right back on. Post some pics when your done.

    I think the problem with my switches is the resistors are not high enough and thats why they are so bright. I will try some 580 ohms and see if it dulls it down a little because its way too bright and bothers me while Im driving.
  2. I actually just pryed the clear plastic peice off gently. It went right back on and doens move. Nothing looks purple on my HVAC. I got my bulbs from the parts store. I think I got too big of bulbs though. The HVAC feels warms to the touch.
  3. Alright, so I soldered on a new red LED for the defroster switch and am in the process of ordering a white LED for the wording, but before I place the order I want to buy some LED's to put under the dash to light up the driver and passenger foot wells. I don't really want to buy tubes or strips if I don't have to since I know these LED's light up really bright and don't want it too bright underneath anyways. Right now I'm looking at just buying some of the Super Wide Super Stars from Autolumination to mount under the dash for the driver and passenger front and then under the seats for the rears. I was only planning on using one for each and figured that would be bright enough but was wondering what you guys thought!
  4. I would use a strip of lower powered LEDs. Even wide angle LEDs have poor light distrobution. Since the light isn't going very far, you won't need too many.
  5. those would work, but will proably going to be way too bright at 5000mcd
  6. Just joined this site. Wanted to ask if anyone has tried this on a 99. How was the light passing through? Thanks
  7. Dude go through this thread..pretty much all of the pictures are from 99-04 stangs (they are the SAME thing in this regard). :nice:
  8. Dude, I went trhough the whole thread. No one states if they did this to a 99. I know this is for the New Edge Mustangs but some are working and some are not. Just wanted to know if any 99s did with with success. Thanks
  9. Now....has anyone changed the color of the Mach 460 illumination??

    I know the Lincoln Aviator uses the 6-disk head unit, but with blue illumination for the buttons and LCD screen. Has anyone tried to retrofit it??
  10. I've seen this discussed often but never seen success pictures. :shrug:

    Benny, I agree, when I see people post in this thread like "will this work on...blah blah" I just ignore it. I think every year from 99-04 has been done one. Some work, some don't. Don't know the pattern but for like $15 and 10 minutes of your time, do it and see if it works :rolleyes: :nice:
  11. Glad to see your still around ambo. Need your help or anyone else's. I notice how some people put the blue on their HVAC but the blue overpowers the red bar on the temp control, kinda like this:


    Notice how this guy made his whole HVAC blue but still kept the red temp control red.


    Does anyone know how to keep the red part red, but still have the HVAC blue?
  12. Thats a cool pic. I think thats the first time i've ever seen a S-AFC(or whatever that is) in anything but an import.
  13. that might be a 98 mustang. the 94-98 uses more of an aqua color backing and when a picture of it is taken it looks blueish.
  14. So you all done think its possible to leave the temp. control red as that guy did it but on my 03 stang?
  15. what i said is that i dont think he did anything. i think it is stock.

    the only way i can think of to leave it red and blue is to use white LED's
  16. Oh, that gives me an idea, maybe it'll work. What if i buy the HVAC tint from a 98 mustang to replace mine? I've seen people remove it and it looks something like this:


    I'd assume the 98' tint is aqua. Also change the light to a blue light to make it more blue and less aqua. Anyone think that would work? Anyone know whats the specific name for the HVAC tint stuff or where i can get it?