How To: Change Your Cluster to Blue L.E.D.s/Incandescent bulbs for $8

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  1. Thanks for the advice...Im not sure I want to tackle the radio!

    As far as defroster/trac/fogs...I think its up to you, Fearless Leader! :hail2: :p
  2. Don't fear the radio! It's easier than you think. Next time I tear it apart, I'll do a walkthrough so you can see how rediculously easy it is. :nice:
  3. I took the trac cont button apart and the light is tiny and looks like it would need to be soldered. I also did some looking and found that several places have colored incandescent bulbs like the original ones we are taking out. I just did the switch to leds but to red ones and its super dull. Even with a red light the needles are still very dark, so I went ahead and ordered the red incand. bulbs and I will let you know how they work. There are colored 194 incand. at places like Walmart so I might go pick those up too.
  4. I was hoping the trac/defog/fogs weren't going to be onboard LEDs. Soldering just doesn't sit well with me. I don't trust myself enough lol Did you get a chance to rip apart the fog/defog buttons?

    So you tried red LED lights for behind the cluster? Did it look sharp!? Pics! And let me know how the colored bulbs work out. I would think they wouldn't compare with the deep color the LEDs produce, but maybe would makeup for it in the brightness category. :shrug:
  5. omg awesome. i have a mach 1 and the lights are white. i cannot stand it. im buying some of these ASAP
  6. Dang, after going back to my first post and looking at the pics, they are so nasty! The 2MP cam on my phone just doesn't do the trick. I'm going to grab my digi cam when I get home tonight and replace those pics. :nice:
  7. I assume all of the little trac control / defrost lights ould be the same, but I could check. As for the look of the red leds, ummm, its just too dull. I love the color, I think red is very easy on the eyes at night, hopefully with a different style bulb the needles will work better, and it will have more of a factory appearance. I gonna try the local p.boys here in a sec to see if they carry colored incand. bulbs. I'll take some pics if I can find them.
    BTW, for anyone that hasn't done this yet its super easy, even when you install 4 outta 5 leds backwards(arrgh) and have to change them around it only took me maybe 15 min. tops.
  8. Werd! I did 3 out of 5. You win! :p
  9. well I went to 3 differet stores and no one carries colored 74 bulbs. I will have to wait until my order gets here next week to let you guys know.
  10. anyone make any headway with the rear defrost button? what kind of bulb are we looking at? and does it in fact need soldering?
  11. haven't gotten the chance yet.
  12. sorry to jump the gun, but I've been wondering about that light for the longest time. you would be my hero if you could change that bulb and give me a heads up on how it's done. let me know when you get around to it. thanks
  13. If you have never taken it out, you can do it without tools. They just push in from the front, so you can just pull the button out pretty easily, and then the cover just pops off and you can see the little bulb in there.
  14. **Updated post #1 with some better res pics**
  15. Speaking for 02 mustangs and on, (with the trac, rear defrost, and fog light buttons) they are lighted by a 2mm led which is not soldered. You have to take the buttons out of the center bezel, unplug the harnesses running to each button, pop the top of the button off, and if you want to replace the "green" led, you have to pry apart the button shaft housing while pulling simultaneously (its a beeyoch). There are actually two leds in the button housing, I only replaced the "main" one that lights up when you have your lights on. The new led has to have a resistor on it or it will fry, or you need a led that can handle 12 volts that is 2 mm in size (i think 3 mm leds will fit, but it's tight). You will see how the stock led is connected, I was able to order some 12 Volt blue leds with resistors already soldered to it from ebay. After fuggin up the first 5 leds, I got it to work. My interior looks great now (blue / red) theme. I want to change out the radio, but need someone to post how to on that. I have never soldered anything...
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  16. anyone be able to point me in the right direction on where I could possibly get 2mm/3mm 12v blue led with resistors already soldered that would word for my rear defrost button? I did some searching, but not to sure what exactly I'm looking for here. thanks
  17. Ebay...It's where I got mine. Radioshack didn't have any leds that small
  18. I've been looking on ebay, and I'm not having much luck. maybe I'm just not searching for the right kind. any help please? kind of at a dead end here. thx
  19. Same here. I've searched ebay to no finding. carries 3mm LEDs but nothing with a resistor on it.

    I KNOW someone here said they have already replaced these bulbs. Stand up and show yourself and help us out! :hail2: