How To: Change Your Cluster to Blue L.E.D.s/Incandescent bulbs for $8

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by AmBo, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. what'd ya say Silvergto2? you be able to find me one? come on, throw me a bone here. thx
  2. I found them!!! I bought these exact ones. He makes them in other colors besides blue. You will need to cut the wire and heatshrink below the resistor, then it takes some "creative" bending of the wire of the leds to get it to fit. Once you take the button apart, you'll see what I mean. I dont' have any pics of the buttons as I was changing the bulbs, but I have a finished pic i'll post tomorrow.
  3. thanks man, I am in debt to you! I just bought some, now it's all over but the waiting til they get here. would it be possible for you to post some pics, so I can see how nice it turned out? also, does anyone know if it's possible to change the odometer to any other color but green? all my lights will be blue, and that digital green odometer sticks out. any suggestions? thank for all your help
  4. I'll post a pic tomorrow if I remember. I actually like the green odometer, that's how mine is. You'll see my interior tomorrow. I would like to be able to change the leds in the stereo, but they are surface mount and would need someone that is an electronics guru to post a how to.
  5. Please do a writeup with pics on how to do these when you get your LEDs in. The community will <3 you. :nice: :SNSign:
  6. If I get a chance, I'll work on finishing the write up I started for these.
  7. will do, I'll probably do them this week end. the pack of leds I got off of ebay had 10 leds in the pack, so I think I'm gonna put leds in the air vents as well. i'll post more when I've actually done something. thanks again all.
  8. i wonder how these would look on white face gauges anyonew with white face gauges dont these yet??
  9. typically your white face guages are "overlays" and don't even utilize the back lighting but they have their own LED style lighting built into the overlay.
  10. The picture that I posted is with white face gauges.
  11. Incandescent bulbs are the way to go. I just installed them after trying the red LED bulbs and being disappointed with their dullness. Here is a pic of the new incand. bulbs, and while its a ****tsy phone pic I just wanted to show how much better the needles are lit. There are no dull/bright spots and it all looks very factory, my .02

    View attachment 409481
  12. Where did you find those bulbs?
  13. , they sell bulbs on ebay too. I am going to try and buy some incand. bulbs for behind the HVAC controls too. With the red LED's it is also dull and the blue portion of the heat/cool dial is not lit at all, maybe that will fix it. I'll try it tomorrow.
  14. Looks great bro! I'm picking up some blue ones! :nice:
  15. Check these out:

    #74 bulbs replace the following bulbs:17 18 37 70 73 79 85 86 2721

    Introducing the Tri-Power 3 LED Bulb

    The Widest, 3x Brightest and Best #74 Leds Ever Made!

    Designed especially for gauges, and applications requiring a large uniform field of bright light

    View attachment 409169

    Tri-Led Guage cluster. Should I give em a try?

    Are these what you bought SMR?
    View attachment 409171
  16. yup those are the ones. For the .99 they are worth it, plus they seem to fit a lot better than the LED's did, much more "snug." Another thing that I noticed when I removed the LED's was that the bulb housing seemed a little burned, perhaps due to the LED moving in the socket, or perhaps I just didn't notice this when I took the original bulbs out.
  17. OK, so just to be sure:

    1. You replaced the speedo gauge bulbs with the #74 incandescent bulbs from, right?

    2. What about the HVAC bulbs? Same size?

    Nice work to all involved!! :nice:
  18. 1. yes that is correct

    2. The HVAC bulbs are 194's, and there are two of them. I have not tried to switch them to incandescent from LED's yet so I don't know if that is better, but judging from the improvement in the gauges I would assume incand. would be better than LED's in there as well.
  19. OK cool. I'm gonna edit the sticky title too.