how to clean idle air control valve

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  1. hello all, i have a 93 mustang 2.3 with a rough idle. how do you go about cleaning the idle air control valve which is what i see many people have done here to help this situation? thanks.
  2. Try cleaning it first.I always used brake cleaner and some clean
    towels.If that doesn't work your IAC could have failed and mite
    need to be replaced.
  3. where it attaches to the throttle body, does it need a new gasket when i put it back on after cleaning? thanks
  4. Yes, I recommend you replace your IAC gasket too.
  5. If cleaning the IAC didn't fix it, try cleaning the
    throttle body where the throttle plate meets the housing.
    Don't use a harsh cleaner here, just wipe it down
    with a shop rag and windex or simple green.
  6. ^ ^ ^ He said Simple Green...

    . . .... Must be either a Northerner or an Ol' Timer cause I thought I was the only one who searches every new store for SG. Good stuff and biodegradable.

    ---On topic now, that is one of the only things I haven't done to mine and it'd probably do some good for that maximum 23mpg I am yielding. FWIW, if both surfaces are true and clearance isn't an issue, I'll use Indian Head Gasket Maker (AKA Indian Head Shellacking Compound or Old No.9).