How To Compare Tires?

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  1. My '94 GT, bought recently, has optional 17" wheels, and surprised I was to see good quality rubber on them: 245/45/ ZR 17 by Goodyear, directional like on my '93 Cobra. They're about 10 to 20 % tread, though, evenly worn, no visible evidence of plugs, punctures, etc. But, they will have to go, soon.

    I went lookin' for 245/45/ 17, regardless of speed rating. Price ranged from $78 to around $300!!

    How does a guy go about buying tires given this kind of disparity? I had a set of "bullet-holes" rims years back, bought cheapie tires for the Cobra (money was TIGHT!), and we rode them for several years.

    What process do you recommend I follow in buying tires for this '94 GT? Usage is as a 2nd. car, not daily, I'm too Goddamned old to race guys from stoplights, (but did it furiously) as a youngster, so, tires? I dunno....imp
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  2. A new set of Cooper Cobras will probably outlive us both and provide decent year around performance.
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  3. So CT worthy lol:lol:

    I’ve had pretty good luck with Hankook Ventus II’s on my ‘94. I had a new set of Summitomo’s on my old wheels-they where like driving on ice lol
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