How to convert a 94-98 Mustang radio bezel to the 01+ double din

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  1. aside from picking up the bezel. how much material needs to be chopped away from behind? Also, is there anything that needs to be added behind the dash to secure a double din radio in there?
  2. everything should just swap out. and wont the "cage" for the dd be supporting it?

    nothing needs to be changed that im aware of, only thing is you can take out the mach 460 amp thats there if youre not using it anymore.
  3. The dash is a little different. The 94-99 radios clip in, and the 01-04 radios bolt in. So you will need to make some bracketry to get the radio to hold in place.
  4. will the newer radio and a/c bezel fit properly on a 94-98 stang?
  5. I'm in the same situation currently. I have a double din radio out of an 04 mustang though not too sure what all is needed to get it to work.

    I guess I need to find me a wrecked 03-04 mustang and pull the bezel out and get that into place. I guess I could pull mine apart and see what I am working with and what its going to take, though would love for you to do it first ;) haha
  6. The newer radios bolt on. They use two bolts on the bottom and bolt onto a bracket that is in the dash.

    So you'll need to perhaps find this bracketry and adapt it to your car.

    Then if you really want a clean look, you can rewire the fog lights and defrost to the buttons under the radio. Then you can put another coin holder on the center console and then find a 01-04 gauge surroung trim peice to remove the defrost button from under the headlights

    Who's bright idea was it to put the rear defrsot under the headlight switch anyway??? That makes no sense
  7. what are the three switches used for that are located at the bottom of the 01 and new stang bezels? foglights? defrost?
  8. traction control
  9. The sad thing about this is that a local junkyard is likely going to charge a hefty amount for this bezel with the metal frame for the bolts :(

    I'll pull the radio out tonight and take some pictures (will upload them in the morning most likely) just to show what the 96-98 guys are looking at.
  10. i actually have a 94 gt convertible. i want the newer style bezel so i can install an aftermarket double-din dvd stereo.
  11. bezel

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  12. 99+ are 1.5din and not 2xdin, FYI.
  13. sorry posting from iPhone so I can't find the edit button

    I meant 01+ and not 99 as those have seperate radio/cd units
  14. a double din dvd/cd stereo will fit in the 01+ bezel opening?
  15. He is right. The 01=04 radio is a 1.5 din..not double din. There is a difference
  16. Will the 01-04 cdplayer plug and play with our car? I looked at one online and it looked like the connectors were different?:shrug:
  17. I would like the clarify, Double Dins fit just fine in the 01-04 bezels. I have an AVIC D3 installed in my car, and had an eclispe before that. ZERO cutting or cleancing issues. The stereo is a double din.
  18. Although it fits fine, it's still a 1.5 din radio.
  19. its cool. i wanted to know if double din radios fit the 01-04 bezels. if they do, cool!
  20. SO i did some quick reseach.

    DIN = 180mm x 50mm
    Double Din = 180 x 100mm
    1.5 din = 180 x 88mm (not exact...i had to measure a chrysler 1.5 din radio to get this)

    100MM is 3.93". So i went out to my Mustang and measured my Mach 460 and low and behold...3.93"! SO it's a double din stereo

    Now, the chrysler 1.5 din would fit but you'd need something to take up the extra gap. Since single din and 1.5 din radios look cheap in doubledin stereo spots, that leaves you spending $1000 on a DD setup.

    For example. I don't care how nice this radio sounds...this looks like crap. The OEM Mach 460 looks way better than this setup.