How To Convert To a Fox Style Throttle Body

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  1. How To Convert To a Fox Style Throttle Body

    First you need to gather the swap parts. The easiest way is to find someone that is parting out an 87-93 Fox body or just go to the junkyard. You can also find a lot of these parts on Ford Cown Vics, Lincoln Mark VIII’s and 5.0 Cougars and T-Birds.

    Here’s the parts you need:

    • Fox throttle Body
    • Fox EGR delete plate or EGR spacer
    -EGR delete plate (
    • Fox Throttle Cable Bracket
    • Fox Throttle Cable
    • Fox TPS connector
    -Get both ends of the TPS connector if you want to be able to unclip the TPS easily.
    • Fox IAC

    Here’s a pic of all the parts needed. Thanks for all the pics RIO5.0 (Andy)!

    *Most of these procedures are described in good detail in a Haynes manual, but I’ll do my best.*

    First thing you need to do is take out the stock throttle cable. Get under the dash and look up at the top of the gas pedal and you’ll see that the throttle cable is just pinched into place into the fork on top of the gas pedal. Just take a screw driver and pop that out.

    Then look at the firewall where the throttle cable goes in and you’ll see two bolts. Remove those and undo the throttle connections at the SN-95 throttle body. Remove the throttle cable.

    Install the fox throttle cable the same way you removed the SN-95 throttle cable. Where it bolts to the firewall you will only be able to use one bolt hole, unless you drill another. I’m using one and there are no problems with it.

    Remove the SN-95 throttle body from the upper intake and disconnect the stock TPS and IAC sensors. Remove the elbow adapter.

    This is a picture of the throttle cable bracket bolted to an EGR delete spacer.

    You can get four studs from the hardware store and screw them into the upper intake. The studs use will vary in length depending on if you’re using an EGR spacer or just the delete plate. They should be ¼”x18thdx. Here’s a pic.

    Here you can see how everything hooks up. The throttle cable connects to the throttle body by popping onto the ball on the bottom.

    In this pic you can see the TPS sensor. The bottom connector is the part that gets wired to your existing TPS wires.
    What you want to do is cut the stock TPS connector off exposing three wires. There should be a gray wire with a red stripe, a gray wire with a white stripe and a brown wire with a white stripe. The fox TPS connector (the bottom connector in the picture) will have three wires also. A green, orange, and black wire. Here’s is how you want to wire them together:

    Green wire – Gray w/white stripe
    Black wire – Gray w/red stripe
    Orange wire – Brown w/white stripe

    Use some wire connectors to splice them together and cover them in electrical tape.

    Now you’ll want to go ahead a bolt up the IAC sensor which is in this pic. Make sure you use a gasket between it and the throttle body, the stock gasket works fine.

    Bolt it up in that same orientation as shown in the pic to the throttle body otherwise it won’t idle. You can use you stock plug from the SN-95, no wires need to be spliced to connect this sensor.

    Now put the EGR spacer or EGR delete plate with the throttle cable bracket connected to it on the upper intake. See pic.

    Now put the throttle body on. Make sure you’re using gaskets between the upper/EGR spacer/and Throttle body.

    Now connect the TPS sensor that you have. It should bolt to the top of the throttle body and have a little connector at the end that will plug into the other connector that you already wired into your existing TPS wires. Here’s a pic of how it should be set up.

    Now before you bolt the TPS sensor down to the throttle body you are going to have to check TPS voltage. You can do this with a voltmeter that you can pick up at any auto parts store. A digital one makes it easier. Turn the key on, but don’t have the engine running. Connect the black voltmeter wire to the black wire on the TPS and the red voltmeter wire to the green wire on the TPS. Move the TPS until you get a reading around .985-.989. The TPS moves a little bit on top of the throttle body when it's not fully tightened down. Once you reach your desired TPS voltage (i.e .987) then you tighten the screws down and it locks the TPS in place settting the voltage.
    This is just a suggested voltage. There are many opinions on this and you can research for yourself what would be the voltage you would like to use.

    Once you get the proper voltage, tighten the TPS down.

    Connect the two TPS plugs. Connect the IAC plugs. Bolt the throttle body down. Connect your fox throttle body style intake tract. Make sure you have the IAT sensor in and the MAF plugged in.

    Here's what it should look like when your all done.



    Let me know if I’m missing anything, from people that have done this before. I will figure out how to use the cruise control cable in the next few weeks and add that to the instructions.

  2. Great thread Jake!

    Quick question -- I wonder if it's necessary to adjust the TPS. Even though the TPS is fox style, the EEC is still 94/95 and should baseline it like the stock TPS. Why don't you fire up CalCon and check? :D :stick:

  3. wow jake, great how-to! i'm bookmarking and saving this one to my hard drive just in case! i'll probably do this swap this winter or next spring/summer.
  4. Probably been asked before, but I don't feel like looking. Can't you just use a 94/95 TPS sensor?
  5. No, totally different design. You *can* use a 94-95 IAC, but it looks fugly.

  6. they should put that in the 94/95 faq sheet
  7. I'm pretty sure you have to manually set it when you do the swap because the SN-95 TPS is non adjustable, but the fox TPS is fully adjustable. I would just set it. It takes two minutes anyways.

  8. how do you set it? is there a knob to twist or something? all you said was "to adjust it where it reads xx-xx." BTW, this should be a sticky.
  9. Thanks for the write up Jake, looks like a good winter project for me while my car is in hibernation.
  10. Does anyone know definitively if this conversion will allow use of the AFM Fox n/a powerpipe? I would be worried about strut tower clearance.
  11. I was just about to ask the same question
  12. WOW, thanks Jake!!! I was just going to ask you about this as I know a guy switching to a carbed setup on his fox!!!
  13. You will see when you set it up. The TPS moves a little bit on top of the throttle body when it's not fully tightened down. Once you reach your desired TPS voltage (i.e .987) then you tighten the screws down and it locks the TPS in place settting the voltage.

  14. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to use a strut tower brace as you can see in this pic.


    All the Anderson Powerpipes require you to use the thicker EGR spacer instead of a thinner EGR delete plate. It's alot cheaper to just make your own.

  15. When you do this you cannot keep the egr?
  16. there any real advantage to the fox setup other than the stupid elbow adapter we have to buy to use a aftermarket manifold??
  17. IMO, the real advantage is eliminating the elbow. And maybe some increased clearance from the valve covers & oil fill tube.

  18. Good work Jake, just added this to the FAQ sticky.
  19. Hate to quote myself
  20. I'd imagine you could keep EGR, but it would be fairly difficult to route it. May be able to use the EGR stuff from an 87-93 car.