How To Convert To a Fox Style Throttle Body

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  1. one advantage would be for what I had to do today.

    I had a leaking injector and had to replace the O-ring.

    a 30min job was an hour job because I had to take that stupid elbo piece off along with the trotle place and vaccume tree.

    Just alot cleaner and easier to to things.

    And a little wieght reduction without the elbo there and a smaller TB.
  2. Using the EGR from 87-93 should be as easy as putting in the EGR spacer. But I believe it is supposed to be cooled with engine coolant, so there would be some plumbing for that.

  3. good write-up. maybe now i can find a 94-95 cobra intake in my price range. lol
  4. Jake...I see those pics came in handy... :D

    Here's mine with the 93 Cobra intake....I posted, as a ???? on the EGR was asked...You can see the 93 needs no EGR delete plate...Its an electric unit, it came with mine but I didn't put it on, it bolts to a passage in the back, which i made a delete plate for...the plug even looks like it would connect to our EGR plug??? Whether or not the computer accepts the signal and works it needs to be verified...this set-up also uses no tube from the header....i also believe the 93 didnt have the water cooled EGR spacer, like in an Explorer. I found this out when I installed this upper. my old CAI was 2" longer??? Thats the thickness of the EGR spacer...Hence I had to use a CL tube to get around the shock tower...That 2" hurt me CAI wise....Jakes is much straighter shot for sure....But I always had a soft spot for the 93 upper... :banana:


  5. what about the vacume tree!?!?!?!

    I wanna know!

    how does my FPR hook up know and the red and green Vac lines
  6. FPR just feeds from a port under the upper, theres a tube/tree that feeds 3 lines...

    My smog stuffs gone and so are those Red/Green lines...
  7. GTJake, where did you go about getting the new harness plug?
  8. Harness plug for what?

  9. You mentioned replacing the TPS harness plug with one from the fox setup. At least that is what I thought you meant since the TPS is different.
  10. need a fox TPS and then just splice the wires together like I said. Go to a junk yard and you might be able to find both sides of the TPS plug so you can have a factory looking setup.

  11. Great information there Jake, I plan on doing the Fox TB setup when I get an Edelbrock Performer in a few months. This should be a Sticky.
  12. I am curious as to what the Ford part M-9989-A is -- "Adapter Harness T.P.S. 1994-95 Mustang Engines". That's about all I can find out about it, and I have not seen any pictures.
  13. Here's a pic that I scanned for ya and the description that goes along with it.


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  14. So.... if you do this conversion... could you also use a Fox Vortech kit?
  15. hey rockin rick where did u find that harness? and where can i buy it? i need to hook up my foxbody TPS to my 94-95
  16. Damn, you the man! :hail2:

    I see it only has two wires, but otherwise the connector on it looks suspiciously like the one on the Fox body TPS. Now someone needs to grab one and try it out. Maybe the third wire is extra... :shrug:. This would also save having to splice any wires at all.

  17. where can i find that?
  18. thanks im going to pick that up from Summit Retail store here in Summit county in ohio
  19. The pic is from the 2004 Ford Racing catalog (p.31). Looking closer at the pic in the catalog, it appears to show a third wire. Maybe?? You can just BARELY see it in the pic I posted right in the middle of the top loop under the other 2. It's very faint. Plus the pic below of part M-12071-J302 (speed sensor connector) looks like the identical pic with the TPS plug just cropped out. So perhaps it would be a good idea to call the Ford Racing tech hotline (586-468-1356) first and ask them.

    Summit has them in stock (as of 9/3/04) for $13.88 -

  20. Hey Jake...Remember that stank looking IAC you sent.... :D

    Check it out...I detailed it up some with the custom Ford logo in Red. Iwas bored one nite...Working just fine....