How To Convert To a Fox Style Throttle Body

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by GTJake, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. Your crazy Andy..:D

    Looks good!!

  2. ordered that ford TPS connecter from summit today because i was to lazy to pick it up. Total was 24 shipped
  3. recieved the FMS harness fo the foxbody TPS from summit like i mentioned above. it does have three wires, Orange, Green, and Black.
  4. That connector setup from Summit won't work... Its meant to plug into a 94-95 TPS.... its if your using a 8*-93 Wiring harness using a 94-95 engine... I may be wrong but l don't think that will work.. let me know.. curious.
  5. yep just noticed it wont WORK.! Guess im going to the junkyard and finding the connector and splice it in.
  6. GTJake, did you ever get your cruise control to work? This is all that is keeping me from doing the swap.
  7. Yeah, what about the cruise control?

    Does this fit under the stock hood on a Edel. Performer? Any chance of it fitting with a 3/8 spacer, also?

  8. Haven't got a chance to mess with the cruise control yet because I'm away at school. It fits under the stock hood. Don't know about a 3/8" spacer. Probably would though.

  9. Does it only need a bracket fabricated to attach the cruise cable to?

  10. Don't know. Like I said, I'm away at school and haven't had a chance to check it out.

  11. Has anyone tried this swap on an automatic. I ask since automatic users have that extra cable (I forget the name of it) that leads to the transmission, telling the transmission throttle position. Thanks
  12. That second cable is for the cruise control. AODE's use the TPS for the info that a TV cable would provide the trans. Mine's been hanging limply in the engine bay for a long time now, since it just won't stay on the throttle body for some reason.
  13. I ran into an issue and need some help.

    I think the throttle cable is too long for my application (spring part). When its attached, the spring is compressed so far that there is no room to open the throttle.
    Does this cable work opposite from a normal throttle cable or something? Or could there be a difference between an automatic fox cable and a manual fox cable?

    In your pics, when you show the throttle hooked up, the spring is all the way compressed. How can you open the throttle when there's no room for it to move?
  14. ttt. Can someone help me figure out this throttle cable? I got it used so I suppose it could be the wrong one.
  15. If your spring is fully compressed (wide open) when hooked up, then I would dare say you got a Explorer TB??? It locates 180 deg from the Fox...found this out the hard way when i ran into the same issue...

    If your TB has the ball like this...on the Left...Its an Explorer..

    This is the correct ball position....on the Right....You can see I simply cut it and welded it to the new proper position and it worked just fine..or go get a Fox unit...
  16. Its an accufab throttle body, so unless they started making them for explorers I don't think that is the problem at all, but I'll take another look at it just to be sure.

    I really think I just have the wrong cable. The metal part that hooks to the ball and the spring both look longer than yours does in that pic. I ordered a new Fox TB cable the other day. If it still doesn't fit I'll probably be back :lol:

  17. The cable was the wrong one, I'm all set there now.

    My next question is how the heck does the fox cruise cable hook up? I have the right part but have no way of knowing how to hook it up. The mount doesn't look like it will fit the bracket at all.
  18. I dont know how to hook up the Cruise either... just hanging in the bay for now... someone with engineer it for us.. right?

    Fox TB rules over SN95 elbow.
  19. I know all you need is a fox Cruise cable but I can't figure out how it hooks up. I got it hooked up to the cruise solenoid no problem. I can't get the TB end figured out lol.

    Someone on Corral (Shifter) told me that the cruise is mounted closest to the intake (as you look at the TB opening) and the TB cable goes in the 1st hole on the bracket. The black plastic "square" goes behind the bracket.

    I'll take another look at mine tonight and if I get it hooked up, I'll post back up here.