How To Convert To a Fox Style Throttle Body

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  1. The Fox EGR is fully functional and plugs directly into the SN95 wiring harness. If not using a 93 Cobra intake use the Fox EGR spacer with the Fox EGR valve. You technically don't need to plumb coolant lines as the 93 cobra has no coolent lines so it probably isn't be necessary if using the seperate EGR spacer. However, it may be easier to use the Fox heater tube on the lower intake that has the coolent line connections if you want to run coolent into the spacer.
  2. I have a 94 gt and i just bought a 93 cobra intake w/ throttle body.
    1. Do I have to convert to fox style tb?
    2. Do I need an EGR spacer if I do?
    3. Can I just buy an elbow and use my stock tb with 93 intake?
  3. 1. Do I have to convert to fox style tb?...It would make for an easier install.

    2. Do I need an EGR spacer if I do?... No need for this with the 93 Cobra.The 93 EGR bolts up directly to the neck. The 93 was different than the normal Fox upper's this way..

    3. Can I just buy an elbow and use my stock tb with 93 intake?...An elbow can be used with modification for the bolts to line up as well as your stock TB...It has been done...this intake is EASIER for a Fox TB swap though...
  4. FastGT94, how did you get to the cruise motor? I tried removing my fenderwell last night and it seems to be connected to the front bumper. If I have to take off the front bumper thats going to be a huge PITA.
  5. Where the heck did you find a new Fox TB cable? I've been looking all over for one. I also got the wrong TB cable, damn E-bayers!
  6. 1. In order to use you 93 Cobra intake you must convert to fox style setup.
    2. The EGR in a part of the 93 intake
    3. NO, You can use a elbow with the 93 intake as the intake is a bit longer (because the EGR being apart of the intake). To do this you would have to have an extended Throttle cable, etc..
  7. I just bought an accufab 75 mm throttle body for my kenne bell. Do I use the 2" spacer that is available? I already have the spacer just wondering if its too much? Also planning on going with a jlt intake with this. Will it fit? Thanks!
  8. I use the spacer with my 75 accufab.
  9. It says you need a fox throttle cable. I was looking on the 50resto website and it has the same cable for the foxes and sn95's. Not sure what to get for the swap, or if you really need to change it now. Anyone know?
  10. you can go on ebay and buy a throttle cable from an 86-93 mustang.
  11. Beware the prices on E-bay are pretty steep for Fox cables. All of us must be looking for them. Plus I've also heard of a few people getting the wrong cable.
  12. Careful that you are looking at Mustang cables, 50resto is not Mustang specific anymore and a search for throttle cable will point you at a GM replacement part.

    Search for LRS-9758A. That's is their part number for a 86-93 throttle cable. Of course, they rape you on the price ($60). And believe it or not, they want even more for the bracket.

    Just buy it used, I found a cable & bracket for 10 bucks. Dirty and well used, but functional. Maybe I should sell it now that I got rid of the Fox throttle body :rlaugh:.

  13. I just checked the site again, and it is the gm ones that are cheap. Should have payed attentiong and looked for more than just 5.0. 5.7 as the next one should have given it away.
  14. Good thread, thought I'd bump it for everyone!

    I have plenty of junkyards around where I live, and I've sold a few sets of these cable/bracket/TPS plug setups for 35.00 plus shipping. I don't really make anything, I just do it to help out fellow Mustang guys....
  15. what tubing can we use from the TB to the MAF? I have a 75mm TB, and a 77mm Pro-M MAF.
  16. If your into making your own with some SS tubing, then check these dudes...
  17. You can go to a truck store and get some Diesel truck exhaust tubing in 4 or 3.5", then you can go to this website:
    and get the sleeves to hook it to the throttle body and mass air. I bought a 3.5" to 4" sleeve from this place, real high quality stuff. They also sell the tubing, but I cut up my AFM power pipe and used that.

    I have a 3" to 4" sleeve for sale if you're interested.
  18. My '93 tbird had the same intake as a '94 Mustang. I solved the cruise problem easily using the factory cable. The linkage and cable for a tbird is different from a '94 Mustang though.

    I merely cut a slot in the fox bracket for the cruise cable and installed a ring connector over the cable end. The tbird cable has a plastic piece that had to be cut off exposing the bead on the end of the cable. The ring goes over the throttle ball with the throttle cable holding it on.

    I also made a bracket to bolt the fox bracket up. No egr plate, I'm cheap! Not sure if halfshafting the tb helps much but why not, its free? cable.JPG

    The other cable is the tv cable for the aod.

    Not the greatest picture but you can get the idea. The ziptie is because the cable is broken where the bolt goes. Otherwise you could drill a hole and screw it down.

    I used a 3.5" elbow on the exploder tb...worked great. On the airflow meter is a 4" sleeve. The 4" squeezed down on the hacked off 3.5" chrome tailpipe neatly. These elbows were picked up at a local truck supply warehouse. Very high quality.!.JPG