How To Convert To a Fox Style Throttle Body

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  1. OOPS the adapter on the 70mm maf is a 3" to 4" adapter. Just don't want anyone buying the wrong part. I was suprised how nice the rubber squeezed down on smaller tubing without creasing or puckering. You just have to get the clamp real close to the end.
  2. I think the main problem is finding a place that will bend 3.5" aluminum or stainless pipe.

    I'm looking to find a place that will bend me a 3.5" aluminum elbow (lighter than stainless)
  3. Yes it's lighter, but it also sucks up heat like 20 times faster than SS...:D Learned that surfing around for tubing info...
    Actually it means jack if you read this...Most do Choose Alum though...This is from AEM's web..

    When the throttle is fully opened however, air speed and airflow increase considerably. Typically, the inlet air speed of a 5.7L engine with a four-inch duct at full throttle is 34 feet-per-second, based on a volumetric efficiency of 70% and an engine speed of 3,000 rpm. Most inlet systems for every intake manufacturer for this engine are 30 inches or less. This means that the air in the duct of a 30-inch inlet length on this engine at the given rpm is 1/10th of a second—hardly enough time to transfer an appreciable amount of heat into the air stream on any system.

    Basically, the rate at which air travels through the inlet path under open throttle, when one is asking the engine for maximum power, negates the effect of material heat soak, regardless of the material. We hope that this helps to clear up the issues of material heat absorption in intake systems.
  4. Good read there, but why then does icing the intake work? Because of the larger displacement surrounding the incoming air?

    Also, either way, that SS tubing place only offers 3" or 4" and I'm looking to go up from a 3" elbow to a 3.5" elbow.
  5. The truck shop that I went to had all 3" 3.5" and 4" diesel exhaust tubing all mandrell bent at different angles. I found a piece for my friend, we just cut off the extra. If you want to go 3" to 3.5", check out the link I posted above, they have couplers for that.
  6. I don't exactly have any local truck shops that I know of. I guess I'll have to check the yeller pages.

    Don't need a 3" to 3.5" have that covered already :)
  7. FYI, I went to a Diesel repair shop off the interstate in my home town. For whatever its worth the guy working there said most shops should carry that kind of tubing.
  8. I'll have to take a look around, thanks!
  9. i have something else i am unsure about. i have my egr completely deleted and turned off in the eec. im looking at a 75mm accufab throttle body with the blank egr spacer. would this be the correct part to buy? just want some reassurance to avoid having to return anything.
  10. You can get a 3/8" thick EGR plate on E-Bay for ~$20. I bought the thick EGR spacer and the TPS sensor was hitting the hood. The thin EGR spacer will help pull things in for better hood clearance.

    Here's one I found:
  11. hood clearance really isnt a problem with the cobra r hood. my concern is more or less making sure the pipe from the vortech to the fox throttle body fits properly.
  12. i wanna do this but can you use a mm strut bar. thanks jay
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  14. great info hear thanks everyone
  15. I have several pics of a Fox conversion on my 94 Cobra with a AFM power pipe. I can post them if anyone wants them.
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