How To Convert To a Fox Style Throttle Body

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  1. so i got everything connected........ everything looks great and now the cable doesnt travel enough to open the throttle to wot.?!?!? wtf it seems the original fox cable has a travel limiter on it? is this true?
  2. what are the advantages of doing this swap?
  3. For a NA application ... and speaking of power gains only .......
    The verdict is still out there and the discussion still goes on and on

    Get yourself something cool to drink and start your own research :nice:

    Here is just one thread you can take a look at :)

  4. Check to make sure your coming in straight and not cocking or pinching the cable...I had to shim my bracket almost 3/8" out to get a good sweep and get full travel. Its not a direct swap and my require some fiddling...

    something like this....

  5. I have the Right Pig tail...Getting ready to do the connections...HOWEVER, the pigtail connector I have does not have colored has all three gray wires . I will need someone to help me cross-reference by position.

    Let's say you are looking at the front where it connects. You see the connector has part where the plastic comes to a triangular point...There is a wire DIRECTLY in line with that. We will call that 12 O'Clock. So which color would that be?

    Still looking at the copper prongs with the wires going back There will be a 4 and 8 o'clock position, so need to know those colors. I can wait a couple days 2 make the physical connections, for now I will solder some connectors on the six wires and wait till I know what to plug into what.

  6. Well I think you can scrap the last question (above). The part that the pigtail connects to that goes to the TB (actual TPS wire) has the colors on it. When you mate the 2 parts, you can then match up the colors by how the mated parts line up. That piece DOES have the orange, green and black wires. I assume you just follow the color line.

    If you read this and this is WRONG, PPPPPllllleeeeaassse tell me :lol:
  7. I have a 95 auto. do I get the Fox 5 speed cable LRS-9758A or fox auto cable LRS-9758B.
  8. Youre getting the Throttle cable...not a clutch cable...Just go to Ebay and put in "mustang Throttle cable" Should find one there.
  9. That would be great. then all i need is the fox TPS right, then splice the bottom connector and it'll be done right?
  10. You need the EGR spacer to bolt the cable bracket too, the cable the bracket, the pigtail, the TPS, which plugs INTO the pigtail. Then you will cut the wires on the 94/95 TPS harness, and solder the three on the pigtail according to the instructions in the first few posts.

  11. I have a 93 cobra Intake manifold, so i beleave i dont need the EGR delete plate cause on those the egr bolted right onto the manifold inlet tube. And do i have to solder or can i use gator clips??
  12. does anybody have pics of the install? this thread is so old, the link for the pics do not work.

  13. I might. Let me look around and see for you.
  14. Most of the pics were mine.... I had them loaded, like most of us at mustangmods...then they took a dump and we all lost our stuff....:mad:

    I lost the hard drive on my laptop that all those pics were on...nothing could be retrieved as I was gonna reload them to this post... Lost like 6 yrs of pics on the machine.:jaw: